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    Tea-suk OH (director)
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    Byung-yong Lee


The Tempest, vividly illustrated and analysed in an eastern style of Shakespeare


The story of The Tempest is so vast that it is called the crown jewel of Shakespeare’s works. It meets the story of the Three Kingdoms of Korea through Oh TaeSeok to become Mokhwa Theatrical Company’s unique performance. Prospero is replaced by Jilji, the king of Garak Kingdom, and Alonzo by Jabi, the king of Silla. The story’s background is an isolated island in the South Sea where Gaya and Silla are in conflict in the 5th century. Watch Korea’s Tempest produced with the peculiar directing technique of Oh, maestro of the Korean theater, in harmony with Baekjung Nori (summer folk festival), gags and Ssitkkimgut (shaman ritual) which used to be enjoyed by Korean ancestors.




It is Korea, but it is Shakespeare, too. 

2011 Edinbrugh International Festival (HERALD ANGEL AWARD)


The Times, 16 August, 2011 -Robert Dawson Scott



"La tempestad" venida de Corea es toda una delicia.

2016 Chile Santiago A mil Festival 


El Mercurio, 20 January, 2016 - Pedro Labra Herrera





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Creator / artist

Mokhwa ("Raw Cotton") Repertory Company (MRC) is led by playwright/director Oh Tae-suk who has established a unique world of theatre since 1967 when he won the annual New Literary Award by The Chosun Ilbo with his drama Wedding Dress. MRC was founded in 1984 with a premiere production of Africa. Over the past two decades, the company has been steadfastly dedicated to creating fifty plays by Oh Tae-suk including MRC’s representative works such as Lifecord, Intimacy Between Father and Son, Ch’unp’ung’s Wife, Why did Shim Ch’ong Plunge into the Sea Twice?, Prisoner of Thousand Years and Bicycle.
MRC is a theatre company that expresses most vividly the Korean colors, language, and cultural identity. Since their world tour in 1987, they have performed in various countries including Germany, Japan, and the US, thus raising awareness of Korea’s culture and ethos through original theatrical works. In Korea, the Company has built its peerless reputation as a cutting-edge experimental theatre group.
In 1999, MRC’s theatre called "Aroongguji" opened in the Daehangno area (literally meaning "University Road" in Korean), a theatre district in Seoul, where the Company produces three or four plays annually. MRC has continuously received enthusiastic response and support from audiences in and out of Korea.
To pull threads from raw cotton, soft outside but rough inside, one must spin patiently and delicately?neither too fast nor too slowly. With the same devotion of spinning cotton, the Mokhwa Repertory Company will continue its efforts to produce meaningful performances. Thank you very much.

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Performers : 15
Staff : 3

80 min. (No intermission)

Width : 10 m, Depth : 10 m, Height : 10 m


Byung-yong Lee



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