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    Theatre haddangse
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    Si-joong Yoon (director, artistic director)
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    Suk-kyoung MUN


“I’ll teach you what life is about!” Greatness of daily life!


I was brutally asked about writing a novel through the metastory composed of Le grand cahier (The Notebook), La preuve (The Proof) and Le troisieme mensonge (The Third Lie). Theatre HADDANGSE suggests its metatheatre by making a play.


Twin brothers escape air strikes in a metropolis. They live with their grandmother in a border area. They have their own method of learning to survive in violent and unethical conditions. They don't hesitate to act violently, threaten, kill and lie.

In their own way, they survive in the middle of a war.

At the end of the war, new soldiers in the name of revolution come to the border area. The twins encounter the question of survival again.


Against the backdrop of war, the performance depicts our world through the twins that are far from being ordinary.

‘The Great Play’ makes and erases imaginative spaces, thus describing boundaries, separation and peoples in a game.

A symbol is created between the stage and the audience when actors use masking tape as a daily tool.

In the audience’s mind, the lines symbolize boundaries, particularly national boundaries.

We hope that this play becomes the great play for the audience by drawing lines and showing the twins crossing them.




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Creator / artist

Founded in 2008, the Haddangse Troupe has published a series of original and unique art pieces, such as The Smallest Frog Prince in the World, Haddangse, Titus Andronicus, Nam Guy, Lord of the Flies and Faust I + II, which were acclaimed by the audience. The Haddangse is the winner of numerous prizes with their art works, productions and acting, thus maximizing their creativity every day. We abandon meaningless practice and pursue aesthetic creation and innovation based on infinite intellectual curiosity and sensitivity. And our show BRUSH was selected as the Asian Arts Award for the Best Production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014. In addition, FAUSTI+II was invited to the Seoul international Performing Arts Festival in 2014 and to FIBA (Festival Internacional de BUENOUSAIRES) in 2015.


Promotion Infomation

Performers : 8
Staff : 3

90 min. (No intermission)

Width : 8.5 m, Depth : 6 m, Height : 4 m


Suk-kyoung MUN



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