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버닝필드, The Burning Field - Hanyang Repertory The Burning Field Hanyang Repertory

#Immersive #New Media #Disaster #Forest Fire #Firefighter #Walkie Talkie
#Real Time Wireless Video Transmission

Walking into the unprecedented wildfire disaster scene, into the trauma of the characters in it,
into the memories of that day with the audience.
Audience Experiential Immersive Performance
< The Burning Field >

Theatre (Immersive, Documentary)


Journey into The Burning Field alongside Jeong Jin-woo as he desperately struggles to save his failing connection to his father before it goes up in flames. Set against a backdrop of unstoppable wildfires and thick smoke, this immersive performance traces the traumatic history of a relationship as it approaches its flashpoint. With a crew of local firefighters to guide you through the inferno, will you choose to stay with Jin-woo as he pleads for reconciliation, or set out with Captain Jeong Jin-Cheol to battle the blaze? Following the April 4, 2019 disappearance of his father, investigative reporter Jeong Jin-woo sets out alone toward Gangwon Province. Veteran firefighter Jeong Jin-Cheol has vanished to battle the massive wildfires engulfing Goseong, Sokcho and Gangneun. Jin-woo’s struggle for connection to his father’s painful and shadowy past is obstructed by broken communication, roaring flames, and thick smoke.

Promotion Information
· Director : Jonghee Woo
· Duration : 75mins / 20mins (PAMS Presentation)
· Stage size(W*D*H) : 12.8*14.8*5m
· Tour size(Performer+Staff) : 1) All : 20 (Performers 8, Staffs 12)
2) Casting : 10 (Performers 0, Staffs 10)

  • 버닝필드, The Burning Field - Hanyang Repertory
  • 버닝필드, The Burning Field - Hanyang Repertory
  • 버닝필드, The Burning Field - Hanyang Repertory

ⓒSang Hoon Ok

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Hanyang Repertory

Founded in 1992, the Hanyang Repertory Theater Company has been renowned for its output, presenting more than 100 classic works and groundbreaking new theater performances both domestically and internationally.
The Company has produced numerous respected actors, up-and-coming directors, and young playwrights in Korea. Most recently, they have grown into an experimental and creative incubator that embraces contemporary performing arts.


Performed by
Seo Jungsik, Sehwan Kim, Woohyun Cho, Kangwon Park, Joonil Shin, Youngson Her,
Yoorim Kim, Yongbin Shin

2020 The Burning Field Production

[ Executive Production /
Management Team ]

Director  Jonghee Woo
Artistic Director  Yong Kwon
Executive Production Manager
Hanjoon Cho
Executive Producer  Joonhee Kim

[ Creative Staff Team ]
Producer / Graphic Designer
Seulki Pak
Stage Manager  Yongsuk Yoo
Scenic Designer  Dongki Park
Video Designer  Sangwan Kim
Video Design Assistant
Jungeun Song
Lighting Designer  Taejoon Kim
Lighting Design Assistant
Joohee Hong
Sound Director  Wonman Lee
Music Composer  Davy Sumner
Cinematographer  Jiwoong Nam
Photographer  Sanghoon Ok

[ Sponsored by ]
Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters
(Safety Support Division, Boramae Safety Experience Center)

[ Hosted by ]
Arts Council Korea,
ARKO Creative Academy


Feb, 2020. 2019 ARKO Rising Artist Festival, 2019 ARKO Creative Academy / Daehakro Arts Theater, Seoul, South Korea
Nov, 2021. ARKO Selection_Theater: The Best Repertory of the Year / Sejong S Theater, Sejong Center, Seoul, South Korea
* ARKO(Arts Council Korea)