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SEOUL 2021

온라인 서울아트마켓
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무악 Muak Art Project BORA

#Contemporary Dance #Isang Yun #Contemporary Music #Muak

Hearing by movements, Seeing by sound.
Sound and movements exist only in time.
What is the true essence of dance and music??

Dance (Contemporary Dance)


The New Path is work that demonstrates a fresh sound and the margins of tradition, which is a unique combination of Korean traditional music-based vocals, jazz bass, and ambient sound.
Although elements of Korean traditional music are used in this work, the characteristics of different music genres are carefully integrated with each other to create SINNOI's sound. All the group's songs are composed by the three artists.

Promotion Information
· Director : Bora Kim
· Duration : 60mins / 20mins
· Stage size(W*D) : 12*11*7m
· Tour size(Performer+Staff) : 12 (Performers 8, Staffs 4)

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ⓒJinwoo Mok

Highlight interview

Art Project BORA

Art Project BORA is led by Kim Bora, who has emerged in recent years as Korea's most spotlighted choreographer. The group has seen significant growth with their performances both at home and abroad such as Japan, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Italy, Brasil, Uruguay and etc. Their continuous evolution helped them build up a repertoire of style and colors that remain unique to themselves. As a dance company, Art Project BORA defies the rigid constraints of logic and concepts, creating a feast of images and senses.
Founded on contemporary dance, we embrace different fields such as visual arts, films, performance art, music, and fashion. Our aim is to discover an expressive language that is one of a kind. It's a group that leads in the field of experimental work through the exchange of different genres.
Not only limit to having its performance in confined spaces such as theaters, it attempts to find varieties of methods to connect with the audience through breaking the barrier of genres and space concepts.
It has been active domestically in South Korea, as well asinternationally, in countries such as Japan, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Mexico, Brasil, Uruguay and etc since 2008.

Choreography works <Somoo>, <Tail Language>, <A long talk to oneself>, <Thank you>, <Gaksi>, <Artificial Nature>, <Frankenstein>, <I'm not there>, <MUAK>, <공·空·Zero> - collaboration work with Marc Brew.

History / Awards

2019.10.6. SIDance2019
2018.11.29.-12.1 Seoul Namsangukakdang