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  • Eye Gate

    Genre : Music

    Production : Nuunmuun

    Subgenre : Korean music

    Director : Seung-min cha
    Seong-uk Lee

    Choreographer :

    Contact : Seung-min cha

    Premiere : 2017 WHATEVER HALL

    Tel : Please login first.

    Tour Size : 4

    E-mail : Please login first.

Program Information

A collaboration of music and video which describe the moment of awakening and all the senses triggered from the experience

About Performance

The act of looking out, starting with gazing at things outside the ‘gate’ which in turn becomes an observation, provokes a question and even ventures into an abyss. Daegeum (traditional Korean bamboo flute) artist Cha Seungmin and visual artist Lee Seonguk’s ‘Eye Gate’ starts questioning the possibility of two different forms of media to have an equal status. It then gazes at, contemplates and observes what is beyond the 〈gate〉 (It is not only about eyes and a window but also about a question and answer.) and discovers the relationship among the beings it encounters that are projected and mutually responsive. Finally, the discovery becomes a visual and aural presentation as a piece.



2017  Supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture / WHATEVER HALL / Korea, Seoul

Photos and Video

Company Information

Creator / Artist

Nuunmuun is an experimental duo, consisting of a musician and a visual artist. They aim to collaborate on the same horizon with exploring the moment of awakening and all the senses triggered from the experience.


Seung-min Cha is a Daegeum player, composer working with poetry and illustrator. She creates works using various medium to share her stories. 

Seong-uk Lee directs video work for performance and music. Working with various artists, he continues to expand his artistic boundary.​​

Promotion Information
  • Tour Size : 4 (Performers : 2 / Staff : 2)
  • Duration : 75
  • Stage Size : Width 7.5m, Depth 5.5m, Height 5m ()
Website & SNS http://www.nuunmuun.com

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