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  • The Little Musician

    Genre : Theater

    Production : BRUSH Theatre & Asia Culture Institute

    Subgenre : Music Theatre for Family

    Director : Kil-jun Lee

    Choreographer :

    Contact : Whee-yeon Kim

    Premiere : 2016 Gwangju Asia Culture Inst

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    Tour Size : 8

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Program Information

The live musical theatre, new adaption of a fairy tale in Central Asia. 

About Performance

One winter day, the dark and cold are coming to the world because sunshine is freezing. A little musician begins to walk to save the world that lost light. She has nothing but a flute. The journey is full of vivid, live sounds stimulating the audience’s imagination. The show brims with ingenious ideas. Yellow wood boards become sunshine. Bubble wrap is transformed into a snowy, twinkling field. A plastic bag is now transparent ice. The performance invites the audience to an analogue fantasy, with the little musician reminding them of the real meaning of sunshine and relationships. 


It’s a cold winter day, and a street kid named Movich is trying to sleep at an alley. Just then, a ray of sunshine warms the alley and leads Movich to crowded streets. Movich starts playing the flute but nobody seems to be as welcoming as the sun. Only the sunshine gently warms Moivch in the shivering streets like a mother. Oh no! Now the sun is going down but Movich doesn’t want the sunshine to leave. So she starts a journey to follow the sun. Will she be able to meet the sunshine? 



2018  China Shanghai International Art Festival / China, Shanghai

2018  Uzbekistan The State Youth Theatre / Uzbekistan, Tashkent

2018  Edinburgh Festival Fringe Assembly Roxy / England, Edinburgh

2018  ASSITEJ Korea Winter Festival / Korea, Seoul

2017  24rd International Children and Youth Theater Festival / Iran

2016  Asia Culture Institute / Korea, Gwangju


Winner of Director’s Award, Best Actor’s Award, Music Award and Stage Design Award 
2017 / The 24th international theater festival of children & youth 2017

Komanaru Theatre Festival 2017, Korea
Winner of the Best Production and the Director’s Award​

Photos and Video

Company Information

Creator / Artist

Asia Culture Institute

The Asia Culture Center is an international arts and culture exchange organization where Asia’s cultural assets are recreated into new cultural content through the process of research, creation and production.



BRUSH Theatre believes in the little child everyone has inside who loves to live out art in life. We envision the inner child growing into a powerful creator through boundless forms of art, the reason why children constitute our favorite audiences. Inspiring children all over the world from different socioeconomic, geographic backgrounds through our out-of-the-box performances, we take any place as our stage to showcase a one-of-a-kind act built for audiences of every age, race, and culture.​ 

Promotion Information
  • Tour Size : 8 (Performers : 6 / Staff : 2)
  • Duration : 50
  • Stage Size : Width 10m, Depth 6m, Height 4m ()
Website & SNS http://www.brushtheatre.com

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