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    Genre : Dance

    Production : Tanz EDM

    Subgenre : Dance, EDM, DJing

    Director :

    Choreographer : Ju-heon Kim

    Contact : Ju-heon Kim

    Premiere : 2016 Complex cultural space ne

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    Tour Size : 9

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Program Information

EDM adding rhythm to traditional Korean dance 

About Performance

Yangbanchum (aristocrats’ dance) is a traditional Korean dance with modern technology and music. Yangbanchum is a dance performed by the upper-class literati who enjoyed the arts and an elegant life. The dancing styles in the Yeongnam area tend to be plain and coarse as they adopt body movements from mask dance drama. It is a representative male dance, and reveals the joy and taste of people with refined movements. 


2017  Norihon Artist Camp / KOCCA / Korea, Seoul

2017  Norihon Weekend School / KOCCA / Korea, Seoul

2017  Science and Art Camp 〈Disco Bus〉 / Korea, Seoul

2016  〈Club MMCA〉 in ‘Hyundai Car Museum Festival' / The National Museoum of Modern and Contemporary Art / Korea, Seoul

2016  〈YANGBANCHUM〉 in Gallery weekend Korea / Korea, Seoul

Photos and Video

Company Information

Creator / Artist

Creative group Tanz EDM develops a contemporary art form for today’s audience with music, dance and media art. Top-class but freelance artists of various genres cooperate to build their repertoire in order to share a contemporized form of art with the audience. Tanz EDM presents the contemporary arts combining DJing, dance and media art. The Company has been invited to present their interactive performances at galleries, theaters and multiplexes. Its guest artists include famous choreographer and dancer Sun-tae LEE and other outstanding dancers. Tanz EDM pursues contemporary, multi-genre and experimental performing arts with music, dance and technology. 

Promotion Information
  • Tour Size : 9 (Performers : 8 / Staff : 1)
  • Duration : 15
  • Stage Size : Width 10m, Depth 10m, Height 5m ()
Website & SNS

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