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  • Othello and Iago

    Genre : Multidisciplinary

    Production : The Greatest Masque

    Subgenre : Korean masque dance

    Director : Jae-Hoon Shin

    Choreographer : Chang-yeol Heo
    Ju-won Lee
    In-sun Park

    Contact : Jeong-hoon Cha

    Premiere : 2018 Small hall, ARKO Arts The

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    Tour Size : 11

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Program Information

Shakespeare’s Classic Meets a Korean Mask Dance

About Performance

A Korean mask dance called Talchum meets a Western classic by Shakespeare. Othello by Shakespeare has very interesting characters such as Othello, Iago, and Desdemona. The performance describes the scene where Iago tries to separate Othello and Desdemona who are sincerely in love. In this scene, Iago speaks carelessly with exaggerated gesture. The performance’s impudent character and its overall philosophy raise an issue of modern people who are not allowed to relax. Connected to Shakespeare’s classic, the satire of the Korean mask dance is expected to bring about sympathy on the part of today’s audience. 


2018  ARKO Selection / ARKO Arts Theater

2018  Jeongdong Theater Creation-ing Series / Jeongdong Theater

Photos and Video

Company Information

Creator / Artist

The Greatest Masque is a young and energetic talchum (Korean mask dance) troupe. The Greatest Masque’s creative mask drama is based on this genre of traditional Korean dance along with its satire, humor and flowing movements. Its productions intend to arouse sympathy from the contemporary audience. (Since 2006) 

Promotion Information
  • Tour Size : 11 (Performers : 7 / Staff : 4)
  • Duration : 70
  • Stage Size : Width 11m, Depth 15m, Height 5m ()
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