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    Genre : Theater

    Country : Spain


    Director : JESÚS NIETO

    Duration : 50 min

    Contact : Inés Gutiérrez (International production manager)

    Premiere : 2017. Teatro Circo de Murcia

    Tel : Please login first.

    Number of Tour People : 8

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Program Information

About Performance

Award for the Most Innovative Play 2018 at Fira de Lleida (Spain)
Alice gets bored until she suddenly hears the footsteps of a rabbit and decides to follow it to its warren. There, she enters the door to an enigmatic world in which there is no time and nothing is what it seems like. Alice goes deeper into doubts, desires, questions, fears and mysteries, on this new journey through the Invisible Cities, imaginary territories populated by strange beings and some other inner monsters.
<Alice and the Invisible Cities> is a reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland with a transdisciplinary stage (projections, sound space, masks and puppets) that explores the imaginary world created by Lewis Carroll from a contemporary perspective.


The jury gave the Award for Carroll's adaptation to the company's artistic language, characterized by technical perfection in lighting, sound and technological resources, which results in a rabidly contemporary Alice with an unusual visual power.

Fira Lleida Jury 2018


A risky option from which Jesús Nieto, its director and author of the piece, emerged victorious, with an accurate view of where one of the current paths that open to the art of puppets can go: that of visual theater fleeing from the narrative contents and delves into the relationship of the material elements with space and time.

Toni Rumbau, Titeresante

Company Information

Creator / artist

esús Nieto, under the name of Onírica Mecánica, builds poetic-mechanical-imaginary worlds for all those in love with what is extraordinary. His pieces deal deeply with recent memories and our relationship with technology. For 10 years, he has studied diverse proposals for families audiences and adults, paying special attention to the interests, concerns and contemporary languages of today’s teenagers.

Onírica Mecanica has won many awards for the originality and innovation of their works. Some of the performances they have produced are: <Alice and The Invisible Cities>, <The Murmur of Sound>, <Fragile>, <The Adventurous Journey of a Man and a Fish> and <Submarine Circus>. Onírica Mecánica has performed their productions at the most important festivals and venues in more than 20 countries supported by the Spanish Theatre Network, INAEM (Spain’s Ministry of Culture), AECID (Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Instituto Cervantes and ICA.


Sound and Music design : Pedro Guirao
Set design : Jesús Nieto, Ángel Haro, Domingo Llor
Ligting design : Jesús Nieto
Video : Pablo Jordán
Costume manufacture: Pedro Lobo
Technician on tour : Andrés Soto
International production manager : Inés Gutiérrez Arciniega (IMPULSARTS)
A show created by Onírica Mecánica in coproduction with Teatros Romea / TCM


Alice : Alicia Bernal
Puppeteers : Enrique de la Cañina, Brígida Molina, Estela Santos

Promotion Infomation
  • Tour Size : 8 (Performers 4, Staff 4)
  • Stage Size : Width 10m, Depth 8m, Heigh 4m
  • Inés Gutiérrez (International production manager)
  • Tel : Please login first.
Website www.oniricamecanica.com
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