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  • Fabulostinoff !

    Genre : Music

    Country : France

    Company : Gipsy Pigs

    Director : Thomas Sirou

    Duration : 45 min

    Contact : Delphine Hummel (Producer)

    Premiere : 2014. Belgium Festival ‘Sortilèges, Rue & Vous’

    Tel : Please login first.

    Number of Tour People : 9

    Email : Please login first.

Program Information

About Performance

The Unique and Official Pigswana’s Brass-Band !
The latest creation of Pigswana Orchestra, this comic-musical-theatrical performance is hilarious. It includes a DJ set from DJ D’vôd Gradta, juggling by Pigswana, tribal-bestial dances and, of course, incredible and very cheerful music.


8 gueules, 8 personnages, 8 musiciens hors pairs, deux ou trois tours du monde d’expérience. Un vrai spectacle musical pour la rue.

Festival Cirque et Fanfare (Dôle) 2018

Company Information

Creator / artist

Since 1998, Gipsy Pigs - the official marching band of Pigswana, universally known as Pigswana Orchestra - contribute to the welfare of humanity, and even of the galaxy. Regardless of their age and gender, audiences have acclaimed them at every show, admiring the generosity and talent of this spirited team. The genius of their musical compositions, their frenzied enthusiasm and distinguished kindness, should lead Pigswana Orchestra to be the first street orchestra registered as World Heritage by UNESCO soon.


Trombone : Laurent GRUAU
Sousaphone : Jérémy LEBRUN
Banjo : Evrard MOREAU
Guitare électrique : Laurent MORTAIN
Batterie : Thomas SIROU
Saxophone soprano : Jean louis CIPRES
Saxophone tenor : Thierry VIGNE
Wash-board : Gilles FORTIN

Promotion Infomation
  • Tour Size : 9 (Performers 8, Staff 1)
  • Stage Size : Not Applicable
  • Delphine Hummel (Producer)
  • Tel : Please login first.
Website & SNS www.assahira.com/gipsy-pigs-en


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