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SEOUL 2021

PAMS 2021
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[PAMS 2022] We are looking foward to see you in person!
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PAMS 2022
Performing Arts Market in Seoul

#In-person #Hybrid #September

- Sep 26(Mon) ~ Sep 29(Thu)

PAMS Season ‘Dance’
- [Seoul] Sep 25(Sun) ~ Sep 28(Wed)
- [Busan] Sep 29(Thu) ~ Sep 30(Fri)

* Registration will be opened in July


What is the PAMS?

“An international performing arts platform based on #exchange, #cooperation and #solidarity, laying the foundation for sustainable arts circulation”

#Sustainability is the theme of PAMS 2022. It will be an opportunity for us to explore what a healthy arts ecosystem is from the perspective of inclusion, trust and solidarity; together to bring necessary changes to the contemporary arts scene; and to cooperate and share the value of the arts. 


What will be able to do at PAMS?

- Presenting artworks to experts from around the world
- Sharing artists' or art groups' interests, creative ideas and topics
- Sharing the trends of the contemporary performing arts scene by exchanging
 information and resources
- Finding partners for creation, circulation, and international and domestic collaborations

PAMS is an international exchange platform committed to facilitating performing arts circulation through #solidarity and #collaboration.


What are the programs of PAMS?

#Artworks Distribution

- #PAMS Choice : Showcases of Korean/Asian performing arts
- #PAMS Pitching : Pitching of artworks, artists and ideas (open call in May)
- #PAMS Consulting : Consultation provided to artworks selected for PAMS Choice and PAMS Pitching

#Information Share

- #PAMS Salon : Forums in which contemporary dialogues on performing arts are looked into and discussed
- #PAMS Roundtable : Meetings for open discussion, networking and information sharing (selection in June)
- #PAMS Ground : Physical booths and online spaces for PAMS participants to have individual meetings (application in June)

#Human Exchange

- #PAMS Community : Networking for delegates in the performing arts sector from around the world who participate in PAMS (registration in July)
- #PAMS Date : Programs for strategic meetings within the PAMS community such as speed dating
- #PAMS Networking Party : Networking and exchange programs within the PAMS community


- #PAMS Season : Programs specific to a genre and theme that is run in partnership with public art organizations and private groups
- #Next Mobility : Research and experimentation about changing the mobility of international exchange 


What is the 'PAMS Season'?

This year, we are introducing #PAMS Season, a collaboration project among private groups, public organizations and independent practitioners around the world based on the diversity, contemporaneity and dynamics of the Korean performing arts.

With dance as the theme in 2022, PAMS Season will look into various trends in the genre of #Dance in partnership with the #Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, the #Seoul International Dance Festival and #Seoul Dance Center in Seoul; and, in Busan, the #Busan International Dance Market.


Where is PAMS taking place this year?

In-Person + Digital = #Hybrid

[In-person] PAMS is taking place in Seoul(#Daehak-ro) and Busan in person this year

[Digital] PAMS is also taking place on an online platform to reach a wider audience and promote more vigorous exchange among the PAMS community


#PAMS 2022 #SeeYou #InSeptember


- Email: pams@gokams.or.kr
- Website: pams.or.kr
- Facebook: facebook.com/pams.or.kr
- Instagram: instagram.com/pams_seoul

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