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A New Ground for Promotion and Exchange!

PAMS Ground is an exhibition booth space where
performing arts experts from Korea and abroad can exchange practical information.
This year, PAMS Ground is operating these booth exhibits through digital online platforms.
There are four exhibition halls, and participants can exchange business cards and
hold real-time discussions freely, without any limitations in time and space.

• DATE Oct.12(Mon) ~15(Thu)

List of Booth Participants

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No. Organization/Company Country Contact Website Overview
1 THE FOREST Korea JUNG JAMIE www.facebook.com/theforest2001/ “The林(The Forest)” is a performing art group, encouraging creative works based on the tradition. It develops multi-genre music contents and produces high-quality performances by effectively reflecting unique characteristics of diverse art genres.
2 NAMSADANGNORI YETO Korea PARK YONG WHA facebook/namsadangyeto Yeto, the Gwanak branch of Namsadang Nori, has continued to study puppet play among Namsadang Nori events and aims to appeal to the general audience by being delicately specialized through performance activities centered on tradition and experimental creative activities.
3 AHOP Korea MOON SAEMI - A performance group led by director Saemi Moon.We aim to provide extant narratives founded on Post-Dramatic Theatre. We research language only possible on stage, and look to reinterpret the notion of 'liveness' in the post-COVID era.
4 InPulse Creatives, LLC Saudi Arabia/UK Cindy S. Hwang inpulsecreatives.com We are an international entertainment and art company that provides creative solutions for artists, creators & stakeholders who have an interest in developing and bringing their projects into the Middle East and Asia. With an international team based in Saudi Arabia, China, France & NY, our work includes artist representation, touring efforts, programming & cultural management, and consulting.
5 THEATRE HAEBOMA Korea SEO SUNGMYUNG www.facebook.com/haeboma HAEBOMA is theatre company which is spreading its career in Korea and abroad aiming 'the fusion of tradition and modernity' and 'the globalization of korean theatre'. HAEBOMA always wants to seek and explore human nature and go deep into stories that people can relate to. Through 3 official invitations, HAEBOMA is recognized for the possibility of performing its work abroad.
6 One Fell Swoop Circus Australia Charice Rust www.onefellswoopcircus.com/ One Fell Swoop uncover the intrinsic metaphor within circus to create stark yet beautiful audience experiences. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the company combines ambitious concepts with visceral physicality, bringing audiences the invigorating mix of joy and risk inherent to group acrobatics.
7 SANGSANG MARU Korea LEE HYOSEON www.sangsangmaru.com SangSangMaru is a social venture company in the field of culture and arts for children and families that was established with the goal of being a 'cultural imagination group that touches the world with stories’. Additionally, SangSangmaru has been dedicated to expanding performance-converging content by representing Korean professional performance production with childeren.
8 LEENALCHI Korea YI CECILIA SOOJEONG LEENALCHI.BANDCAMP.COM Leenalchi is an alternative pop band that sings verses from the traditional tale, Sugungga. The story’s background beats and bass draw inspiration from 80’s new wave while the performers build excitement by destroying and re-arranging traditional elements.
9 WANSUNG PLAYGROUND Korea CHOI BOYUN - ‘Wansung Playground’ is an organization, led by the creator ‘Lee Jaram’. Lee Jaram is the creator and ‘Sorikkun (singer, storyteller)’ of Pansori pieces, <Sacheon-ga> and <Ukchuck-ga>, which achieved unprecedented success. She holds a very special place in the world of performing arts in Korea, and grew to become an artist in the spotlight.
10 DONG THEATRE COMPANY Korea KIM MOONHI cafe.daum.net/Dongplay Founded in 1999, Dong, one of signicant companies in Korea with its unique method and originality, has explored physical action in the condition of Korean culture and physique. In 2007, Dong set up 'Monday Acting Laboratory' to develop the method to meet present time, world and human. With 'the body that meets the world', Dong weaves its works now.
11 SINNOI Korea PARK ALICE www.nplug.kr/sinnoi Sinnoi was formed by Bora Kim, who mastered the Gyeonggi folk songs and Korean classical court music, and by Lee Wonsool, who has a unique presence in the domestic jazz scene, by Haihm, who is electronic sound artist. In a minimalist composition, Sinnoi opens a new musical horizon beyond the boundaries of each musician.
12 POETIC STUDIO Korea KIM SOPHIE HYEYEON poetic-studio.com/ Poetic Studio is a creative group composed of stage artists, new media artist, sound designer, dramaturg, and a producer, exploring dramatic language focused on 'stage and music/sound'. They're building a 'space of imagination/liberation' in the form of an installation theater, able to face poetic moments even in a standardized life.
13 LDP Korea GOOK JISOO www.ldp2001.com Founded in 2001, LDP is an international dance project ultimately aimed at bringing Korea’s dance to the global stage. After its foundation, LDP has played the role of enhancing the value of the arts while leading the creation of a repertoire that emphasizes a deep artistic philosophy and communication with continuous experimental challenges based on differentiation and the style unique to LDP.
14 AMBIGUOUS DANCE COMPAMY Korea Lee Hee-Jin www.facebook.com/amdaco2014 Ambiguous Dance Company was founded by choreographerKim Bo-ram and dancer Jang Kyeong-min in 2008. The name of the group describes the “undefinable and ambiguous”characteristics of their dance style. Escaping from genres and preconceptions, the group expresses what is in their hearts through physical movement and music.
15 ENFTP Korea KIM HWAJEONG www.instagram.com/maduung/ Project group 'ENFTP' was created to share a discourse on media in the post-corona era, suffering from COVID-19. They make new discoveries in the existing ones, and find re-examined ones that remain the same as before because they feel ideal. It is a group that judges and studies the need to re-examine the media at the center of these social phenomena.
16 COREYAH Korea LEE JUYEON http://www.coreyah.kr/ Coreyah is a Korean/world music ensemble consisting of three performers of traditional Korean instruments, one vocalist, one guitarist and one world percussionist. Since its debut in 2010, Coreyah has created a new style of Korean music by blending various genres of ethnic music and popular music while still maintaining the distinctive characteristics of traditional Korean instruments.
17 ARTSTAGE SAN Korea KIM JINYOUNG sanalive.co.kr ArtstageSAN is a creative art troupe aiming to seek and experiment with the possibilities of puppet theatre and its theatrical grammar that brings the puppets to life. Since its foundation in 2001, the troupe has been through various experiments and research focusing on puppets, and broaden its boundary through organizing festivals, art activities, exhibitions, international productions, etc.
18 Dummies Corp Australia Emma Serjeant https://dummiescorp.com/ Dummies Corp. is a leading Australian circus company presenting distinctly interactive and engaging work for family audiences. Creating their first work Trash Test Dummies in 2013 with critical acclaim, winning a host of awards for circus and best children’s presentations. The company now employs 10 artists over three touring works and have presented more than 1000 performances in 13 countries.
19 Svalholm &
Dance Theater TIC
Denmark Carlos Calvo www.svalholm.dk Founded by choreographer Nønne Mai Svalholm, SVALHOLM explores the sculptural dimension of bodily movement and the performative dimension of sculptural elements.The artistic vision is to examine existential questions and create a platform for new knowledge. Since 2015 SVALHOLM has been working with a dogma: staging non-traditionally schooled bodies and people over the age of 60.
20 Performing Arts Market in Seoul Korea BAE YOON en.pams.or.kr Under the support of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Arts Management. Service has been hosting PAMS (Performing Arts Market in Seoul) every October. The primary objects of PAMS are revitalization of rational distribution and exportation to oversea markets for Korean performing arts that based on diversifi ed orientation and creation.