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그의 하루 His Day ArtstageSAN

A year is made up of 365 days. A month is 30 days.
Days pile up as they pass by, and that becomes a lifetime. I look carefully into his days, and find myself in them.

Oct.14th(Wed) 19:00
Theatre (Puppet theatre )

※ After being screened on the Virtual PAMS, you could watch the showcase on the website at 20:30 of the day of the screening.


The show presents a routine day in the life of a tired salary man. Returning home
exhausted every day, he ends his day by dreaming of a happy childhood. His boss’s
obsession with results whips the man like a circus acrobat. Still, this is the life of a man
who has to wag his tail in a servile manner. It is the routine of someone who has
nothing special about him, but this might be representative of the lives of ordinary
people. The actors and puppets play the same characters together and images are
maximized through props and puppets. The work is poetic with lyrical music and has an
exquisite harmony of powerful props, videos, mimes, and puppetry.

Promotion Information
· Director : Hyun-san Jo
· Duration : 60mins
· Stage size(W*D*H) : 8*6*6m
· Tour size(Performer+Staff) : 10 (Performers 6, Staffs 4)

  • 그의 하루
  • 그의 하루
  • 그의 하루


Highlight interview
그의 하루


ArtstageSAN is a creative art troupe aiming to seek and
experiment with the possibilities of puppet theatre and
its theatrical grammar that brings the puppets to life in order that
they can become actors on the stage. Since its foundation in 2001,
the troupe has implemented various experiments and
research focusing on puppets and props.
It has run a variety of complex art activities through education,
experience programs, exhibitions, and international exchanges,
in addition to its regular performance schedule.
The troupe provides not only entertainment, touching emotional performances,
and profound messages, but also presents questions for the audience to ponder.
It does so with various stories and a constant evolution of visual effects in puppetry.

History / Awards

2020 Sejong Performing Arts Center / Seoul, Korea
2018 Ansan Arts Center / Ansan, Korea
2017 Uijeongbu Arts Center / Uijeongbu, Korea
2014 Arko Arts Theater (Premiere) / Seoul, Korea

2018 Selected in Gyeonggi Performing Arts Festa Best Collection