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SEOUL 2021

PAMS 2021
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네네네 NeNeNe Sangsang Maru

#Coproduction By Korea And Sweden #Nonverbal #Performance For Children
#Assitej Audience Award #Dance And MimeTheater Game

Nonverbal children's performance co-produced on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of
diplomatic ties between Korea and Sweden Dance theatre for family co-produced with
Swedish professional dance theatre company ZebraDans NORDIC CONNECTION <2019 Connection International
Cooperation Excellent Project> Selection 29th Seoul Assitej Children's Theater Award Winner

OCT, 11~14TH, 2021
Theatre (Nonverbal Dance Theater)


‘NeNeNe’ is a children’s performance jointly developed and produced by Sangsangmaru and ZebraDans, a Swedish art company, to enter the global market on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Sweden. During the planning process, we found out that 'Ne Ne Ne' has a positive meaning for Koreans, but the opposite meaning 'No' in Sweden, and we burst into laughter together. We thought that the word itself reflects the different cultures of the two countries, so the title of our performance was finally born.

‘NeNeNe’, which aims to be a work that children all over the world can relate to, unfolds the stage set and costumes of Nordic sensibility and Korean intensity on the stage. It evokes the feelings of 'Fun' and 'Happiness' that can be found in the unpredictable, moving freely in space while communicating with the animals and nature of the forest. We hope that children's emotions can be tapped through dance, mime, play and sound, so that children can create their own Ne-ne-ne forest outside the theater and spread their imagination.

Promotion Information
· Director : Min-jung Kim
· Duration : 40min (PAMS Presentation)
· Stage size(W*D*H) : 11*7*4m
· Tour size(Performer+Staff) : 9 (Performers 3, Staffs 6)

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ⓒJason Um

Digital Portfolio Showcase

Sangsang Maru

Sangsang Maru is a social venture company established under the motto of "Cultural Imagination Group that impresses the world with our stories.“ Our mission is to realize the social value of sharing and co-prosperity through the development and production of excellent creative performances (plays, musicals, non-verbal, dance theater) for children and families that can enter overseas markets, and to enhance the capacity of creative performances through dialectic creative development.
Sangsang Maru established the ‘Storytelling Lab for Kids Performance’, a company-affiliated research institute, and was certified as the <Corporate Affiliated Creative Research Institute No.99 by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Currently, we are developing three works: <NeNeNe>, <The Changeling> and <Petals and tales>, a joint production and global expansion project (KORDIC HIT) for children in Korea and Northern Europe. We are in the process of fostering creators and developing works for <Kidscal Asiaro>, a project to enter the Asian performance market.


Performed by
Kyoung-choul Soung(Child1), Eun-kyol Ko(Child2), Pyeong-on Kim /Hye-gyeong Kim(Child3)

Cast in Video
Åsa Lundvik, Gustafson, Lisa Nilsson

Jun-seong Kim

Lisa Spets, Anne Jonsson

Set·Costume Design
My Zachrisson

Production·Technical Director
Sung-min Won

Stage Manager
Joseph Joo-hyun Lee

Lighting Design
Sang-hyun Park

Video Design
Tae-yoon Kim

Dong-youl Um, Jonas Robin

History / Awards

2020 Dongyang Arts Center (Premiere) / Seoul, Korea
2020 Seoul Arts Center Children's Family Festival Selection / Seoul, Korea
2021 Assitej Korea Winter festival *Audience Award / Seoul, korea
2021 Gangdong Arts Center Dreem Theater / Seoul, Korea
2021 The 2nd Seo-gu Chilidren’s Art Festival Selection / Incheon, Korea
2021 Culture Day of Pyeongtaek Cultural Foundation / Pyeongtaek, Korea
2021 Daegu International Musical Festival Official Invitation / Daegu, Korea
2021 Assitej Korea Summer festival / Seoul, Korea
2021 Asian Culture Center Summer Festival Invitation / Gwangju, Korea

2021 Seoul Assitej Children's Theater Audience Award Winner / Seoul, Korea