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SEOUL 2021

PAMS 2021
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PAMS Online Dating with the PAMS Community

* What is the PAMS Community?
Human resources of art professionals such as artists, producers, presenters and promoters

Each conversation will serve as an occasion for a presenter to chat with three attendees for 20 minutes. Reservation is required to participate in the conversation. Although our future is uncertain due to the crisis of international mobility, PAMS would like to build up a culture of working together by sharing your resources, build interconnection and create potential projects such as touring, co-production, residency and research.

· DATE : Oct.12(Tue)~13(Thu)
※ The applicants should be fill out questions and discussion points when making reservations. The final attendees will be informed.
※ Reservation for PAMS Online Dating will be announced for registrants later.

Duration PAMS Community
5 mins Share about current situation, changes,
challenges and future plan in the organization/festival
5 mins - Share about your artistic
direction and current projects.
10 mins Q&A

PAMS Community

PAMS Community
Name 소속 Organization 직책 Job Title
Byeongho Kim 노원어린이극장 Nowan Culture and Arts Center for Kids 예술감독 Artistic Director
Ji Yeong Bang 아시테지코리아 ASSITEJ Korea 이사장 President
Eunju Shin 부산국제춤마켓 Busan International Dance Market 예술감독 Artistic Director
Hye Won Shin 포항거리예술축제 Pohang Street Arts Festival 예술감독 Artistic Director
Ju Eun An 부산문화회관 Busan Cultural Center 공연기획팀 차장 Deputy Director
Younkyung Lee 서울국제공연예술제 Seoul Perfoming Arts Festival 공연예술기반 팀장 Team Manager
Jung Hun Lee 서울뮤직위크/울산재즈페스티벌 Seoul Music Week, Ulsan Jazz Festival 감독 Director
Jongho Lee 서울세계무용축제 SIDance 예술감독 Artistic Director
Su Taek Yim 수원연극축제 Suwon Theater Festival 예술감독 Artistic Director
Dong Hee Cho 서울거리예술창작센터(in 서울문화재단) Seoul Street Arts Creation Center(in Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture) 팀장 Director
Hwa Yeon Cho 국립극장 National Theater of Korea 프로듀서 Producer
Ji Young Han 전주소리축제 Jeonju Int'l Sori Festival 콘텐츠운영부 부장 Programmer
André Bourgeois 어반정글 Urban Jungle 대표 CEO
Anup Kutty 지로 페스티벌 Ziro Festival 크리에이티브 프로듀서/개발자 Creative Producer/Co-Founder
Cynthia WANG 대만 당대 문화 실험장 Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab 총괄 프로그래머 Head of Programming
Felix Preval 다윈축제 Darwin Festival 예술감독 Artistic Director
Galina Metelskaya 제이그룹 코퍼레이션/와일드민트 페스티벌 Jgroup Co. Ltd/Wildmint Festival 국제교류부장 Head of International Relations Department
Hisashi Shimoyama 키지무나 페스티벌 ricca ricca *festa(International Theater Festival OKINAWA for Young Audiences) 프로듀서 Producer
Isa Köhler 탄츠메세 Tanzmesse 예술감독 Co-Director
Kris Nelson 런던 인터내셔널 페스티벌 LIFT Festival 예술감독/CEO Art Director/Joint CEO
Lexy Morvaridi 사우스뱅크 센터 Southbank Centre 컨템포러리 뮤직 프로그래머 Contemporary Music Programmer
Marie le Sourd 온더무브 On The Move 사무총장 Secretary General
Mojca Jug 벙커, 류블라냐 Bunker, Ljubljana 프로그래머 Programmer
Powei WANG 대만 디지털 아트 센터 Digital Art Center.tw 예술감독 Artistic director
River Lin 아담(ADAM) / 타이페이 퍼포밍 아츠 센터 Asia Discovers Asia Meeting / Taipei Performing Arts Center 독립 큐레이터 Curator
Tang Fu Kuen 타이페이아트페스티벌 Taipei Arts Festival 예술감독 Artistic director
Virve Sutinen 탄츠 임 아우구스트 Tanz im August 예술감독 Artistic director
Wei-Ling Wang 타이중 국립극장 National Taichung Theater, Taiwan 프로그래머 Manager of Programs and General Planning
Gideon Obarzanek 라이징 Rising 예술감독 Co-Artistic Director