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SEOUL 2021

PAMS 2021
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싸구려 인조인간의 노랫말2, Lyrics of Cheap Android 2 (Robot Nocturne) Lyrics of Cheap Android 2 (Robot Nocturne) Byungjun Kwon

#Byungjun Kwon #Art And Technology #Interdisciplinary #Robot #Mechanical Theater

Robots dance, and sing, shining their own light within their limited body language.
Robots are shadow plays that shed light on our lives and our world.

Multidisciplinary(Robotic Mechanical Theater)


Machines that resemble humans scramble along the lines of light that are reduced to shadows. The rugged, clunky movement of the deformed onearmed robot out of symmetry raises the illusion of ‘human familiarity’ to us through the process of overlapping, distorting and composing shadows. Robots that operate as automated stage equipment and characters evoke an unstable future, such as the restraint of a machine not far from the future, but in reality they are constrained machines in human control. Designed with the memory of colleagues in the 90s club scene and the alienated people in the streets, these robots dance and sing to each other in limited gestures.

Promotion Information
· Director : Byungjun Kwon
· Duration : 60mins / 35mins (Online Presenting)
· Stage size(W*D*H) : 15*10*7m
· Tour size(Performer+Staff) : 8 (Performers 3, Staffs 5)

  • 싸구려 인조인간의 노랫말2

    ⓒYonggi Joe

  • 싸구려 인조인간의 노랫말2

    ⓒJangwon Choi

  • 싸구려 인조인간의 노랫말2

    ⓒYonggi Joe

Digital Portfolio
싸구려 인조인간의 노랫말2

Byungjun Kwon

Byungjun Kwon is a hardware researcher who combines art and technology and a sound-based media artist. He has been presenting performances using his own musical devices and performance tools in various cultural areas such as movies, visual arts, dance, theater, and Gugak. Since 2018, it has developed its own exhibition performance robots to explore mechanical movements and present works combining light, sound, behavior and narrative. At the same time, the venue-specific sound delivery and stage lighting control using a location recognition system are presented to the audience with possibilities of a new stage.


"Proto Human's Archaeological Future."
Seoul Cultural Foundation Webzine/Kim Jeong-hyun Visual Arts Critic/ 2020.02.20.


2020 Lyrics of Cheap Android2(Robot Nocturne), Platform L, Seoul, Korea