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    Eun-jun LEE (director, artistic director)
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    So-young AHN


The Person Who could Become Brecht


 The story deals with the life of Paul Joseph Goebbels, the former Secretary of the Nazi regime of Germany. Since his childhood, he has suffered from osteomyelitis which made his one leg crippled for life. It even seems to be God’s punishment. He studies in various fields and earns his PhD degree to overcome his disability. However, no one acknowledges him, just because of his disability.

  But, Goebbels meets Hitler who highly appreciates his abilities. Hitler loves Goebbels’ enthusiasm to pursue his goals, Goebbels then pledges allegiance to Hitler and eventually leads him to the position of the vice-president through various propaganda and his controvl over radio programs.

  In turn, this leads Goebbels to be the Secretary of Defense and to do even more evil.

  He finds out that works of art and texts are powerful tools to incite people. He thus burns all non-German books, considering them decadent. He knows that if the public becomes too smart, they will not listen to the state.

  Goebbels continues to do what is immoral until the end of his life.

  Finally, after Hitler kills himself, Goebbels also chooses to die with his wife and children.




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Creator / artist

The theater company Watchman lives and breathes in our heart, and we want to find the memories of the moment when we first met the theater.
So first, we want to keep our humble thoughts and protect the analogue system.
It is important to keep the deformed waves of capitalism and the materialistic things from invading us. Meanwhile, compassion and the preciousness of life gradually disappear in myself.
The Company wants to keep a critical eye on the world. We will look straight and continue to explore the fascinating path of the theater.
The Company is constantly aware of this world that gradually hides truth and loses its warm heart. We will make ceaseless efforts to be with people and to understand them.

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Performers : 6
Staff : 14

70 min. (No intermission)

Width : 8-15 m, Depth : 8-15 m, Height : 4-8 m


So-young AHN



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