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Booth Exhibition

Booth Exhibition is an open space where working-level participants of PAMS 2018 exchange practical information about their works and discuss potential collaboration and exchange. Performing arts groups and individuals can promote their works in an aggressive and efficient way. Also, delegates to the event can find works and partners they favor, while exploring different performances in person.

  • Date10.9(Tue)-11(Thu) 10:00-12:00
  • VenueHongik Daehangno Art Center Gallery B2

Booth Exhibition List

Booth No. Organization Genre Type
1 Awesomeplay9Inc. Multi Company
2 Art Project BORA Dance Company
3 Moderntable Dance Company
4 NOWPAN ENT. Music Agency
5 Odrey Music Company
6 Yeonhee gongbang eumma gaeng ggaeng Etc. Company
7 Stone Jazz Music Company
8 Gruejarm Production Multi Company
9 Theater Tol Multi Company
10 Seoul Street Arts Festival Etc. Festival
11 XTRAX-UKStreetArts & Motionhouse Etc. Etc.
12 Korea Street Arts Association Etc. Network
13 NPB Dance Company
14 Geukdan SY Multi Company
15 The Best plays Inc. Theatre Company
16 Harlequin Floors Dance Etc.
17 Hanbit Art Center Multi Company
18 Zig Zag Danza Dance Company
19 Coreamuser - Performing Arts International. Dance Agency
20 Point View Art / Creative Links Etc. Network
21 Art is Potato Music Company
22 Ryu and Friends Dance Company
23 Nomad Theatre Company
24 Busan International Dance Market Dance Market
25 A. cube production Multi Company
26 Cia. Fadunito & Cia. Campi Qui Pugui Theatre Company
27 Jaranda Project Theatre Company
28 Female Directors’ Performing Art Festival Theatre Festival
29 Bara Theatre Company
30 Coreamuser - Performing Arts International. Multi  Agency
31 Out Innerspace Dance Theatre and Belsher Arts Management Dance Company
32 MIGYO TheARTS Dance Company
33 Comuna de pedra Dance Network
34 Boboo Agency & platform Music Agency
36 ProfessionalArtsCorporationTHEATREEJOTTO Theatre Company
37 LaPetitaMalumaluga Multi Company
38 ASSITEJ Korea Theatre Network
39 ONIRICA MECANICA Theatre Company
40 Jeongdong Theater Dance Venue
41 Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) Multi Organization
42 BRUSH Theatre Theatre Company
43-44 European Commission Etc. Organization
45 CZECH CENTRE Etc. Organization
46 PAHN Etc. Organization
47 National Theater of Korea Etc. Venue
48 The Japan Foundation / TPAM - Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama Etc. Organization
49 Sejoing Center for the Performance Art Multi Venue
50 CINARS / Quebec on Stage Etc. Etc.
51 Gyungnam Culture & Art Foundation Multi Organization
52 National Gugak Center Multi Venue
53 SIDance (SeoulInternationalDanceFestival) Dance Festival
54 Jeonju Cultural Foundation Etc. Organization
55 Asia Culture Institute Multi Organization
56 Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange Etc. Organization
57 Arts Council Korea Etc. Organization
58 Korean Cultural & Arts Centers Association Etc. Network
59 CULTURE N TICKET Etc. Organization
60 Babyart Multi Company