Booth Exhibition

Popup Stage is an informal presentation for booth exhibitors. The participants can effectively promote their works through presenting highlight showcases within 10-15 minutes and playing promotional videos during the exhibition on the mobile stage.

  • Date10.10(Wed)-11(Thu) 10:30-12:00
  • VenueHongik Daehangno Sunken Garden

Pop-up Stage List

No. Type Company Date Genre
1 Performance Gipsy Pigs 10.10(Wed), 10:30 Street music / theater
2 Performance Imperial Kikiristan 10.10(Wed), 10:50 Street music / theater
3 Presentation Karel van Laere 10.10(Wed), 11:10 Presentation
4 Presentation New Heroes
(Dutch name: Nieuwe Helden)
10.10(Wed), 11:30 Theatrical Lecture Performance
5 Performance Gena Tango 10.11(Thu), 10:30 Fusion Gugak
6 Performance Imperial Kikiristan 10.11(Thu), 10:50 Street music / theater
7 Presentation Het Geluid Maastricht 10.11(Thu), 11:10 Virtual reality show case
8 Performance Odrey 10.11(Thu), 11:30 Traditional Music
9 Performance Art is Potato 10.11(Thu), 11:50 Opera