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    Hyeong-jun CHO (choreographer)
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    Min-sun SON


A stage project that combines analogue media (body and space) and digital media (visual projection and sounds)


The work begins with the idea that civilization has made humans decadent. I think that the concept of ‘decadence’ emerged because of the rules and regulations set by humans restricting their natural state.

This performance redefines the original state that has been restricted and concealed by rules and regulations to be regarded as "decadence." On the contrary, only the active five senses could be considered non-decadent.

Physical and geometric space, such as the coordinate system, is an ‘objective space’ which is irrelevant to the body, and also has nothing to do with other things. However, objective space does exist not in the real world but in theory. That is because it is impossible to experience space without the body.

The work shows a new definition of the decadence-system which also includes all the senses of the body, life and the present. Simple and repetitive moments using patterns try to expand the state of intoxication without any rational judgement.

This is neither play nor story. It is a system in itself. There isn’t any specific message meant to convey, so I would like to ask you to enjoy this work with your basic senses. Finally, what remains is a ‘play’, and it can be expressed naturally.  




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Creator / artist

Choreographer Hyeong-Jun Cho and architect Min-Sun Son have collaborated for the project [Mu:p] to structurally explore the relationship between space and movement. Mu:p experiments with space, choreography and phenomena that appear as the human body is placed with objects in the context of a specific site. In the same vein, the artists are interested in what is perceived beyond the boundaries of the body. They thus explore “the infinity of boundaries” under the theme of “what is mine and what is not mine.”


Since their first performance Co-ordinated Lobby (2013), they have continued to present works including Dia-meter (2015), Five Places (2015), Over the wall (2016), Decadence-System (2017), Threshold Phenomena (2017) and Alter. I (2017). Mu:p was also selected as a project team of Changdong residency at Korea’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in 2017. They currently run a space called 92whitewell.

Promotion Infomation

Performers : 4
Staff : 9

40 min. (No intermission)

Width : 10 m, Depth : 10 m, Height : 8-9 m


Min-sun SON

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