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    Cheol-sung LEE (director, artistic director)
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    Cheol-sung LEE


A Heartwarming Hour for You, Who is Fragile As Paper! - 'Community Performance' performed by Citizens


'Community Performance' performed by Citizens of the World!


An installation performance that is co-created by citizens through workshops and performances!

An art therapy performance that is all the more beautiful with its transience!


The citizen-performers, who have been trained as street massagers, welcome citizens on the street as guests and give a special paper massage after covering the body with paper. It leads to create 'Paper Humans' as a copy of the body. The Paper Humans then become alive and make an emotional and dramatic scene with the original guests. After that, they disappear with the wind, water and fire. This performance makes participants reflect on the fragility of humans and its meaning.  


We are all strangers, foreigners, immigrants and even refugees to each other. But we are all the same, considering the fact that we are all fragile and vulnerable. Enjoy this special and precious opportunity to meet each other not as strangers but as body to body and human to human…



El foc et fara lliure

L'artista Cheolsung Lee porta a Tarrega una 'performance' catartica sobre la fragilitat i la imatge repetida d'un mateix. Els interprets de 'Massager' son targarins nouvinguts 


An elegant lady who also today I heard a curse skirt wipes tears cathartic...



BELEN GINART, Ara -Play Barcelona, 2 September, 2016










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Creator / artist

'CCOT' (meaning 'flower' in Korean) is a Korean troupe that explores the depth of life by integrating different mediums such as poetry, painting, installation art and video art on alternative spaces and the street.
'CCOT' was founded in Jerusalem in 2000 by Cheolsung Lee and Jinyoung Kim. At that time, both of them was studying at the School of Visual Theater in Israel. The troupe has presented visual performances in Europe, South America and Asia (e.g. 'Chalon dan la Rue' in France and 'Fira Tarrega' in Spain).
Cheol-sung LEE, director of CCOT, has presented his works and won international awards like the UNIMA Congress's Excellent Visual Effect Award. As a poet, he published two poetry collections.

Promotion Infomation

Performers : 1
Staff : 2

50 min. (No intermission)

Width : 9 m, Depth : 6-8 m, Height : 4 m


Cheol-sung LEE



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