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    Theatre Company Golmokil
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    Kun-hyung PARK (director)
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    Ho-yeal LEE


Memories of the dead ask questions about life. All Human Beings were, and are Pathetic


South Korea, 2016. A soldier defects from the army after suffering from violence and oppression. Kagoshima in Japan, 1945. A Korean kamikaze pilot decids to devote his life to the colonizing country. Fallujah in Iraq, 2004. Iraqi militants repeat kidnapping and killing people to survive. Baengnyeong Island in Korea, 2010. Korean naval officers of the corvette Cheonan don't even know why they are alive or dead.

In these tragic events that occurred in totally different places and periods, all the soldiers are driven to death. There are people in uniform who existed in the past, exist now, and will exist in the future. Because they wanted to live, they have to be both perpetrators and victims at the same time. This is a story of all soldiers.



韓の現代史というテマは重い。にもかかわらず、思わず笑わざるを得ない場面を紡ぎ出すユモアのセンスは見事というほかない。これまでる機のあった『代代孫孫』と『ギョンスク、ギョンスクの父』とともに、韓の現代史を見据える作家の冷徹な眼が忘れられない。- 新野守(演劇評論家)

Juri Ishikawa, 2017 Spring The Korean Theatre Journal, March 2017
や政府は決して民を救ってくれない。それどころか、個人の民衆を切り捨て、一部の特階級の利益が優先されることも共通している。この劇はそうした問題を深く考えさせてくれた。4つの時間と場面によって構成されている。(...) その4つのエピソドは繰り返し共通のテマを奏でていた。「哀れな兵士」や「見捨てられた市民」たちである。わたしはそれらを日本の情と重ね合わせ、日韓の共時的なとして受け止めたのである。 - 西堂 行人(演劇評論家)
Juri Ishikawa, 2017 Spring The Korean Theatre Journal, March 2017


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Creator / artist

Golmokil means “alley” in Korean. Theatre Company Golmokil was founded in 2003 by Geunhyung Park who wrote and directed In Praise of Youth, a play that was awarded with all theater prizes in 1999. Actors who used to be with him joined the Company. Like a tavern in the alleyway at dusk, the Theatre Company Golmokil tries to take the audience back to nostalgia and lost emotions. They have been acclaimed by the audience and the critics for their works expressing ordinary people’s everyday life on stage and their own way of expression resisting typical theatrical styles. While their performances depict desperate modern people in their everyday life, they also lead the audience to imagine 'hope' that may exist somewhere.


Park Kun-Hyung

Playwright / Director (Theatre Company Golmokil)

Born in 1963, Park Kun-Hyung also teaches directing at Korea National University of Arts. His major productions include All the Soldiers are Pathetic, Beautiful Youth, Generation after Generation, Kyungsook, Kyungsook?s Father, A Manchurian Front and Hideto Iwai?s Outer World.

In 2016, “All the Soldiers are Pathetic” was selected as one of the seven best productions by the Korean Theatre Review, a monthly magazine, and as one of the three best productions chosen by the Korean Critics Association. It also won the Dong-A Theatre Awards for the Best Drama and the Best Visual Effect.


Promotion Infomation

Performers : 23
Staff : 11

105 min. (No intermission)

Width : 15-20 m, Depth : 15-20 m, Height : 10 m


Ho-yeal LEE



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