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    Ah-ra JO
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    Ha-na JO


You may have the talent to live in this harsh world. Let's live together looking around well


Based on the traditional pansori Sugungga in the style of Misan, Pansori - Sugunggaga JoAhRa (meaning "I love Sugungga") is a fine work of contemporary pansori, transforming its original text into the modern Korean language and reflecting today’s world. While the story’s characters (Rabbit, Turtle, and the Dragon King) stay the same, its plot has been changed significantly. Rather than elaborating on the Rabbit's journey to Sugung, this new story focuses on the hidden stories of the Rabbit and Turtle who struggle to survive in their own way, thus depicting how people live so desperately in this world. It also suggests the opposite or contradictory power: the world of the sea and the earth. The Turtle deceives the Rabbit who fools the Dragon King. The Turtle desperately needs a liver and the Rabbit never gives it. With its satire and humor, Pansori - Sugunggaga JoAhRa reminds us of different aspects in today’s Korea.?The audience meets two rabbits: a storyteller-singer called Gumyong (meaning 'life-saving') Rabbit also known as JoAhRa, and a drummer called Gosu Rabbit. Travelling together, they tell stories, sing and dance, making a fool of the world. Transformed into different characters, JoAhRa guides the audience to react immediately and dynamically.   



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Creator / artist

'BodySoundSpeakJoAhRa' is the name of a theater company as well as an ongoing project founded by JoAhRa, who identifies herself as a storyteller and 'shaman' of the modern era. 'BodySoundSpeakJoAhRa' explores various narratives and styles of performing arts and attempts to communicate with audiences using her own variation of body language, sounds and speaking.



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Performers : 2
Staff : 5

70 min. (No intermission)

Width : 8 m, Depth : 6 m, Height : 3 m


Ha-na JO



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