PAMS works with overseas markets and arts and culture organizations to organize a showcase of international performing arts productions. This year's International Showcase will spotlight young artists and performance groups from the Middle East, Canada, and the Asian region.

Nation Artists/Group Performance Date/Venue
Malaysia Toccata Studio Space Age 10/5(WED) 17:25-17:45
Arko Arts Theater Main Hall
Canada L’Illusion, Théâtre
de marionettes
Ondin 10/5(WED) 18:40-19:00
Daehakro Arts Theater Small Hall
Middle East(Egypt) Ahmed El Attar On the Importance of Being Arab 10/6(THU) 15:25-15:55
Arko Arts Theater Small Hall
Singapore NADA NADA: Seoul Session 10/7(FRI) 18:00-18:20
Arko Arts Theater Small Hall