In order to diversify international exchanges and cooperative projects in the field of performance art, and to enhance the ability of international exchange experts, KAMS put KAMS Connection in place in 2010, a program that supports Korean and overseas experts in the areas of performing arts to conduct research and run its related collaborative projects, based on cooperation with foreign counterparts. The research visit programs for international participants of the ‘Korea-New Zealand Connection 2015’ and ‘Korea-Spain (Barcelona) Connection 2015’ will be carried out during PAMS 2015. On top of that, it will consist of various programs, including meetings with Korean professionals or artists, as well as seminars and performances, so as to understand the current state of Korean performance art, come up with new ideas, expand networks and find potential partners for future collaboration. In addition, we will operate the Connection Salon to share the research of foreign experts.

2015 Korea-New Zealand Connection 2015
Co-organization : Creative New Zealand

  Name Institution Position
1 Chris CUDBY Audio Foundation Asian Touring Coordinator
2 Deborah McSMITH Q Theatre Business Development Manager
3 Shelagh Magadza New Zealand Festival /Wellington Festival Artistic Director

2015 Korea-Spain(Barcelona) Connection 2015
Co-organization : Institute de Cutural de Barcelona

Name Institution Position
1 Marcel li Antúnez Artist
2 Sergi Jordà Universitat Pompeu Fabra / Reactable Systems Professor/Researcher
3 Rolando Olberter Researcher/Musician
4 Fernando Vilariño Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona / Machine Vision Group Professor/Researcher
5 Daniel González Be Another Lab Researcher