This is an official program of PAMS that introduces exceptional performing arts works that make it possible for participants to understand contemporary trends and artistic completion of arts works of Korean artists and groups. Arts works that successfully go through public contests and domestic and international reviews will be showcased during annual PAMS events, thus being intensively promoted in international performing arts events. On top of that, additional supports for global marketing, including ARKO-PAMS Grant that covers overseas transportation, subtitle translation support by Literature Translation Institute of Korea and training and consulting services for overseas cultivation strategy, are also provided to them. From 2005 to 2014, a total of 150 works were selected through PAMS Choice, before actively making their way to other parts of Asia, Oceania, the Americas and Europe, assisted by those programs.

PAMS Choice 2015 Selections

WITH SEA Goblin Party - Soul Piercing
Playful chaos between the dead and the living presented over the wooden coffin board
<Soul Piercing> is based on careful observation on the dilemmas and contradictions arise from death while peeking into the traditional funeral scene. The piece depicts chaos of the dead and the living wandering around the boundary called death with extreme humor and playful imagination. The piece shows the strong will and struggle to transcend the unbearable chaos and frustration that death brings us without losing a positive attitude.
Han Seung Seok & Jung Jaeil - bari, abandoned Performance Group TUIDA - Quartet on Pain
Pain becomes sound, that sound later becomes words, and those words again invoke pain.
How do we prove that a person is alive? Pain felt in the skin when cut; the scream produced when bones shatter; the agony felt when the heart is being ripped apart—all paradoxically provide evidence that a person is alive. Inspired by the traditional Indian performance “Kutiyattam,” the production Quartet on Pain is a play that is set below an extremely restricted circular stage, and explores a life in which words are excised and a life that is accompanied by pure physically expressed pain. The story is structured around a dying whale that is trapped in endless suffering because of the words it has said and the who grew up eating the sounds of suffering—Neokson, who wanders looking for the agonizing sounds of pain. The play illustrates a cycle as it shows that suffering, which is evidence of life, becomes sound, that sound later becomes words, and those words again invoke suffering.
Performing arts consulting group BEONDI - PARK Woo-jae Geomungo Extension Mokwha Repertory Company - >Why Did Shim-Ch’ong Plunge into the Sea Twice?
SIMCHUNG who made her father's vision return to him, plunge herself into the deep water again to save the world.
Year 2015, why is Shim-Ch’ong plunging into the sea again?
Why Did Shim Chong Plunge into the Sea Twice? is a jarring revision of the legend of a filial daughter who volunteers to drown herself in return for the restoration of her blind father's sight. in Oh Tae Seok's violent retelling, the daughter, Shim Chong, is abruptly placed in a seamy modern underworld of thieves, pimps, and prostitutes, where her plunge unto the sea no longer offers hope of redemption but serves rather as a moving reminder of the fragility of goodness in contemporary society. There is a young man named Chung Sae-Myung with a heart of compassion towards others is a character hardly found these days. Through this young man, the director cries out for our dying moral values. The audience enjoys the theatric entertainment that the director brings through humor and satires embedded in the struggle of the young man, but ends up empathizing with him. There really is nothing to laugh about, but it leaks out anyway and you feel the chill clawing in the back of your neck!
GROUND ZERO Project, Agape Danpyunsun and the Sailors - Animal
The most drastic, emotional, and dramatic – It is at the very front line of the avant-garde pop music, facing the new era: Danpyunsun and the Sailors
[Animal] is the first album of Danpyunsun and the Sailors, a four-member band, as well as the title of the album’s showcase, held at KT&G Sangsang Madang Concert hall in Hongdae. The musical performance of Danpyunsun and the Sailors is based on “sophisticated violence”. Their record is great but they can shine even better on the stage where they growl, roar and run around all the time. On the live show, their songs are backed by acoustic instruments mainly consist of woods and irons rather than using electronic sound effects. Every time they play, those instruments reach their record high sound potential that they have made a huge impression to the audience. The album is already picked as one of the best debut album of the 2010s in many of the press, awarded the first prize for Best Rock Album at the 12th annual Korean Music Awards, held on February 2015 and now gaining recognition as authentic Koreanmusic.
Company SIGA, Rest BARAJI - Beasohn
Embrace today with the dignity and thrill of traditional music!
It has long been a tradition for mothers in Korea to pray to the gods for their families’ well-being, offering a bowl of fresh water as ritual food.

“May flowers bloom from our precious family’s footprints and sweet scents radiate from their words. May we be as pure as cool water and always take the straight and narrow path”.

How wonderful would it be if everyone lived with the hearts of our mothers. THE BARAJI wants to portray a mother’s never-ending love and devotion with baraji music. We want to extend a mother’s love for her family to those who are weary and burdened from this world so that they may be comforted.
Ambiguous Dance Company, Rhythm of Human PARK PARK - No Longer Gagok: room5↻
The viewing of <room5↻> is an introspection through the experience of Gagok
<No Longer Gagok: room 5↻> is composed for a full sensory experience of ‘Gagok,’ Korean traditional lyric song which was popular in the salons in the 18th century. Translating its musical structure into a spatial form, the position of each room, the performance is conceived as 1-person theatre working to resonate and work deep inside each listener. The position and texture of voice heard from each room is the interpretation of Gagok by PARK PARK. This spatial apparatus shows inherent musical qualities of Gagok and its intimate language, revealing how the genre is strongly based in poetry. The second piece of No Longer Gagok series after <four nights>, <room 5↻>’s composition is complete by audience’s act of viewing.
Ambiguous Dance Company, Rhythm of Human SE:UM - KOREAN BREATH
The Rhythm of Korea Embraces the Music of the World
Based on the traditional rhythm of Korea, Korean Breath presents the improvisation of both jazz and Korean traditional music. It projects the traditional idea of ‘breath’ as a musical element. While retaining the existing improvisational aspect of the group, in Korean Breath, SE:UM attempts diverse variations on the refined compostion and the musical texture.
Theatre Company Nolddang, SEE Art Project BORA - >Tail Language
"Tail Language” intends to satire at the hypocritical culturalism and the analytical error of language through the language of the cat's tail and the symbolic system as the movement ‘s motif.
The performance to seek and experience new possibility of contemporary arts from various points of view!
By observing the tail languages, it aims to recombine the semiotic movements such as the lines and planes, or the intersection of lines and shapes. Also, we envision the creation of language of another dimension through the dismantling process.
The emotion of outright egotism, action of drawing a line between oneself and the others, and drastic changes in the addition and subtraction in the conversation depending on the relationship or the analytical error in the finitude of language…
Through refreshing the issue of communication and the meaning of social community in the individuality of ‘I’ and ‘us’ or ‘others’, this piece questions what is desperately needed in modern society.
This work is a process that reveals the language of body, which is more primitive and lucid. It is a small but important attempt to discover ‘truth’ in the opposite side of the social dialogues and relationships concealed by hypocrisy and superficial intellectualism.
TAROO, Pansori Hamlet Project JJbro - >Jimmy & Jack
We are not wrong, just different…
<Jimmy & Jack>, performed by JJbro, won a unanimous Jury Prize of 2014 Seoul Dance Collection. <Jimmy & Jack> features the unique wit and characteristic philosophy of the two dancers, JUN Heung-ryeol and PYO Sang-man. The piece is dedicated to people who are hidden and afraid of coming forward, simply because they are different from others. In the show, the two dancers become more and more honest to themselves, and discover their true selves and value. <Jimmy & Jack> was presented in 2015 Fukuoka Fringe Festival in Japan and International Comic Dance Festival in June. It was chosen for 2015 PAMS choice.
Lee Hee-moon Company, Order-made Repertory ZAP’ Creative group NONI - Things that Remember
Things that Remember
Memory of Space / Things that Remember
Each object cherishes condensed stories about the memory of space. The audience will actively explore the space with the provided map to find the objects and hear or see the stories. As the train blows the horn at certain times, as the clock moves, as the Giant machines goes round and round, all the objects make their own sound or movement, Bodies that appear when the objects make sound or movement draws the memory of the present time instead of the past by connecting and expanding the space of scattered dots.
Lee Hee-moon Company, Order-made Repertory ZAP’ Collective A - Dance,She...Crazy.
Must Go Crazy to Be Crazy
Dance, She... Crazy.
I wish to dance like crazy.
No crazy, no reach. We cannot catch it without immersion.
The world is crazy and all of us are getting insane.
I might go crazy if I stop dancing.
I must be in motion, not to go crazy. I must dance like crazy.
Dream play These21, Chronicle of Alibis Tanemotion - TAN+EMOTION
The most joyful change of Korean traditional music, TANEMOTION
Tanemotion suggests new kinds of contemporary music through harmonizing Korean instruments and western ones. Their music crosses jazz and Pansori, the Sahara desert and Je-ju island.

Dream play These21, Chronicle of Alibis PANSORI PROJECT ZA - Pansori Short Story Series II – ‘Stranger’s Song’
After collaborating with German writer, Bertolt Brecht, Jaram Lee’s Pansori now interprets the short story of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the master of South American literature.
Under the series title <Pansori Short Story> and motto, “Pansori with a shorter, yet complete story, ”Yoseop Joo’s novels, <An Ugly Thing> and <Murder>, were infused to create <Pansori Short Story I_The Ugly Thing/Murder>. Pansori Project ZA then went on to produce <Pansori Short Story II_Stranger’s song> in May 2015.Known as the maestro of South American literature with pieces, such as <100 Years of Solitude>, Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s less familiar <Bon Voyage, Mr.President!> is the setting for <Pansori Short Story II_Stranger’s Song>, which will be performed on stage by sorrikun Jaram Lee, who is well known for her performances in <Sacheon-ga> and <Ukchuk-ga>.