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  • After4

    Genre : Dance

    Production : HOO Dance Company

    Subgenre : Korean dance

    Director :

    Choreographer : Sun-hoo Yoo

    Contact : Sun-hoo Yoo

    Premiere : 2016 Byeloreum Studio, Nationa

    Tel : Please login first.

    Tour Size : 8

    E-mail : Please login first.

Program Information

After 4, a performance depicting an old woman’s journey to the afterworld through diverse genres 

About Performance

A dream of an 80-year-old woman. When an 80-year-old woman dies, he crosses four rivers and meets four angels of death. She is then reincarnated in a flower. 


Prologue: Death 

Scene 1: Black River

Scene 2: Invisible River

Scene 3: Ash River

Scene 4: Soul River

Scene 5: After ​ 



2016  National Theater of Korea / Korea, Seoul

2017  National Gugak Center 〈Friday empathy〉 Selection / Korea, Seoul

2017  The Edinburgh Fringe festival (ZOO Southside) / England, Edinburgh

Photos and Video

Company Information

Creator / Artist

HOO(后)Dance Company (Hoo KDC) was established in 2009 to make movie-like Korean dances with a synopsis and clear method/message by combining and expressing Korean dance’s traditional beauty, deep breathing and artistic method. The Company also incorporates into their performances different artistic elements including voices, plays, music and videos, not just showing traditional Korean dance movements as they are. This is to make their dances accessible not only for highbrow audiences but also for everyone. 

Promotion Information
  • Tour Size : 8 (Performers : 4 / Staff : 4)
  • Duration : 60
  • Stage Size : Width 25m, Depth 20m, Height 30m ()
Website & SNS http://www.hoo.or.kr

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