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SEOUL 2021

PAMS 2021
What’s New


2021 PAMS

2021 PAMS

Under the support of Ministry of Culture, Korea Arts Management Service has been hosting PAMS every October.
The primary objects of PAMS are revitalization of rational distribution and exportation to international markets for Korean performing arts that based on diversified orientation and creation.
PAMS 2021 will be held through a digital online platform!

Next Mobility/Circulation in a (Post) Pandemic Era: Concept, Digital and Green Mobility/Circulation

The performing arts field is facing: the era of technology in which technology has a deep impact on our day to day lives; the limited international mobility caused by the pandemic; and climate change.
How will the international exchange, mobility and the circulation of the performing arts field change in the post pandemic world?

COVID-19 has put safety in place as a new standard in the creation, production, circulation and consumption of the performing arts, just as it has in our day to day lives.
As the physical movement between countries is becoming more challenging, we’ve seen more limitations on the international exchange and the circulation of the performing arts.
That has brought a higher level of interest in what is nearby and in the neighborhood, with emphasis on locality and hyper-locality of art.
Also, in the face of climate change, artists are considering green touring while bringing up the important topic of art and environment.

Even before the pandemic, the advances of technology have had far reaching impacts in the realms of art creation and consumption.
The advancement and expansion of technology have increased the speed at which performing arts pieces are becoming online and being put in video formats.
And virtual spaces and the metaverse created by technologies such as VR and AR have allowed a variety of contents to be created for participatory immersive theatre.
With this trend more lively communication and exchange with the audience than before are taking place when art pieces are created.

The Performing Arts Market in Seoul 2021 is facing up to the changes of technology, art, society and environment by questioning what international mobility and circulation are in a pandemic era when there are limitations on physical mobility and the circulation structure.
We hope it will serve artists, producers, festivals, venues and organizations from home and abroad with an opportunity to discuss and find new alternative directions for the creation, production, international mobility and circulation of the performing arts in the post-pandemic era

Kyu Choi,
Creative Director of the Performing Arts Market in Seoul 2021,
PAMS connectors and the Secretariat

The Performing Arts Market in Seoul 2021 is meeting you from 11th to 14th October on its new online platform PAMS ON.
We are looking forward to having various discussions on international exchange and sharing the tomorrows of the performing arts with you.

· Discover : Discovering various creative ideas and pieces of the Korean modern performing arts through PAMS Choice
· Share : Sharing various international dialogues through PAMS Salon
· Collaborate : Providing opportunities for various forms of international collaboration through Assembly and PAMS link
· Innovate : Conducting various research and finding new directions for international mobility and circulation through Next Mobility forums and workshops


· Dates : From 11th to 14th October 2021
· Location : PAMS ON, the online platform of the Performing Arts Market in Seoul
· Organizer/Host : The Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS)
· Sponsor : The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Arts Council Korea