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Under the support of Ministry of Culture, Korea Arts Management Service
has been hosting PAMS(Performing Arts Market in Seoul) every October.
The primary objects of PAMS are revitalization of rational distribution and exportation
to oversea markets for Korean performing arts that based on diversified orientation and creation.

New normal for art in new reality

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected societal and economic structures
at a global level, but has also had a great impact on our personal lives.
The arts and international exchange fields are no exception to that impact,
and they are now faced with a new reality.
Our lives are filled with uncertainty. Meanwhile, there are ongoing considerations
for various methods and policies that will help us return to our normal lives,
whatever that normal might be, and welcome the return of theaters and festivals.
At the same time, due to the lockdown of cities and borders and social distancing practices,
we have realized that returning to the normality we knew before is impossible.
And so, we are presented with the fundamental questions of
what the arts are and what the role of the arts is,
particularly as a sustainable platform for international exchange.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,
the Performing Arts Market in Seoul 2020 will be held through a digital online platform,
and it will serve as an opportunity for us to pause and stop time as we know it for a new future.
At this year’s event, we will discuss a new imagination and innovation of the arts
in preparation for a new normal of coexistence with the virus and a time of resilience
and recovery in the area of international exchange.

Kyu Choi, Creative Director, PAMS 2020


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Networking Digital Online Platform
Connecting with Korean and international performing arts companies, agencies, festivals, venues and institutions, through the digital online platform.
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Discovering outstanding Korean theatre, dance, music and interdisciplinary arts productions and video presentations with new approaches and ideas of international artists.
Inspiring Peer to peer dialogue
Sharing and debating current issues in the field of contemporary performing arts and international mobility faced with outbreak of COVID-19.
Challenging Future of International Mobility
Discussing new directions and approaches for solidarity of international mobility with various international networks and stakeholders.