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SEOUL 2023

What’s New

PAMS Salon Forum

PAMS Salon is a platform for information sharing and discussions centered around the latest issues and topics in the performing arts field.
Along the main theme, ‘Sustainability’ sessions at this year’s Pams salon will address four topics that could be discussed in context of the theme.

Date Program
9/26(Mon) 14:00 – 15:00 PAMS Salon 0 <Understanding of Korean Performing Arts Industry Now> PAMS
Are you interested in understanding about changes and transformation of Korean performing arts these days? This introduction session gives you a snapshot of Korean performing arts industry: Changes by theme, current market by data, information of international funding, festivals, and agencies in Korea. Especially welcome to those who participated at the first time at PAMS.
9/27(TUE) 14:00 – 15:00 PAMS Salon 1 <Transformative Legacy and New Leadership> Soohye Jang
Associate Director, PAMS Season 2022 / Founder, Connected A
New generations of diverse leaders are emerging worldwide. Then, what did the former leaders achieve and what did they left behind for us? How do current leaders utilize the past system and resources? What kind of leaders do we need and what are their roles in new times of social, economic, and environmental change? In this salon, we will look into the leadership practices of arts organizations in changing times and reflect on what directions we can go forward to build sustainable development.
9/28(WED) 14:00 – 15:00 PAMS Salon 2 <Green Mobility of the Performing Arts: Expanded Perspectives and Guidance> Cecilia Soojeong Yi
Connector, PAMS 2022 / Head of Content, Peace Train Inc.
Environmental issues across society are also frequently discussed in the arts sector. As a venue for international exchange of the performing arts, PAMS seeks to discuss these environmental issues from a more practical angle. Assuming that the process in which a performance is created and presented to the audience is a movement(mobility), we will explore ways to make this journey more ‘green’ together with the stakeholders from each stage.
9/29(THU) 14:00 – 15:00 PAMS Salon 3 <International Exchanges in the New Era of Deglobalization, and Sustainability> HeeJin Lee
Connector, PAMS 2022/ Creative Producer, Producer Groep DOT
Over the past 30 years, Korean society has gone through rapid globalization. However, various external factors such as the pandemic and wars are driving deglobalization, and we are seeing more regional blocs forming due to economic reasons. This phenomenon is spreading in the political and social spheres and is expected to have a huge impact on the culture and arts sector. Against this backdrop, how will the international relations of the performing arts sector develop after having been long established? PAMS is joined by arts and culture institutions and networking platforms in each region to explore the direction for sustainable, long-term and balanced international exchange.