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SEOUL 2021

PAMS 2021
What’s New

PAMS Connectors and Creative Director

Discover, Share, Collaborate, Innovate. These are the key words representing the vision of the 2021 Performing Arts Market in Seoul as it holds diverse discussions on international exchange in the post pandemic era.

Performing arts experts have joined PAMS as its Creative Director and PAMS Connectors.
They are the mediators for PAMS in its efforts to diversify and expand international movement and circulation.

Here are the introductions to the Creative Director and the five Connectors by genre.

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Kyu Choi, Producer of AsiaNow/ Creative director of Performing Arts Market in Seoul
Creative Director Kyu Choi Producer of AsiaNow
/ Creative director of Performing Arts Market in Seoul
Currently working as creative director at PAMS 2021-22. Kyu is a producer, festival director and researcher. Under the themes of ‘Diversity and Inclusion, Art and the City’ and ‘Art and Technology’ Kyu has recently developed several research-led workshops and practices including ‘Connected City’, ‘The Korea DMZ Lab’ and Accessibility and creative development for arts and disability. Kyu has worked as artistic director as well as creative director for the UK/Korea Season Festival 2017-18, the Chuncheon International Mime Festival, and the Ansan Street Arts Festival. He is a founder of AsiaNow productions and has worked to develop the Asian Producers’ Platform and APP Camp 2014-2021.
PAMS Connector
Rene Hyewon Lee, Producer & CEO/ Giioii Immersive Storytelling Studio
Art & Tech Rene Hyewon Lee Producer & CEO
/ Giioii Immersive Storytelling Studio
Hyewon Lee is a multidisciplinary producer, educator, CEO and co-founder of Giioii immersive storytelling studio in South Korea. She has been working over a decade of experience in various new media projects combining art and technology and was also one of the founding members of ScreenX, the world’s first multi-projection theatre and award-winning immersive cinema platform. Currently, she is working on producing immersive XR content and Metaverse experience by blending storytelling with art, technology, and different cultures exploring a wide range of art forms. Her producing pieces have been introduced to the world, including Cannes XR, IDFA, Tribeca Immersive and BIFAN.
Soohye Jang, Independent Producer/ Founder of Connected A
Dance Soohye Jang Independent Producer
/ Founder of Connected A
Soohye JANG is a performing arts producer and researcher based in Seoul, South Korea. Soohye has been working in the international exchange of festivals and projects as a producer in Seoul International Dance Festival, Nordic Culture Festival, and Seoul Improvisational Dance Festival. Currently, she is a commitee member of Seoul Dance Center and runs a performance art planning and research company, 'Connected A', and working in partnership with various organizations and artist groups.
Cecilia Soojeong Yi, Head of Content/ DMZ Peace Train Music Festival
Music Cecilia Soojeong Yi Head of Content
/ DMZ Peace Train Music Festival
Cecilia Soo-jeong Yi connects music and music performances from home and abroad. She has been presenting music and artists mainly at festivals. From 2016 to 2020 she was in charge of producing, management and international exchange at Zandari Festa as executive manager. Since 2018 she has been working as head director for DMZ Peace Train Music Festival. In 2020 she co-founded ALPS Inc. which focuses on music distribution, promotion and international business through its music content agency, FlippedCoin. She previously represented SsingSsing and Parkpark globally.
HeeJin Lee, Creative Producer/ Producer Group DOT
Theatre HeeJin Lee Creative Producer
/ Producer Group DOT
HeeJin Lee is a creative producer and co-founder of Producer Group DOT, who has extensive experience working as a producer throughout Korea and internationally. In 2014, HeeJin co-founded Producer Group DOT with her colleagues to sought ways to remain independent and creative in an immense system that currently operates under a singular framework. She works with a diverse range of artists from diverse backgrounds in theatre, dance and interdisciplinary arts. She acts as a bridge between Korean artists and overseas artists and her works have been focused on international co-productions. She has produced Korea-India co-production Bahuchara Mata: Beyond Binary, Korea-Germany Co-production Walls-Iphigenia in Exile, Korea-Australia co-production Unknown Neighbors, Korea-UK co-production MIIN:미인 and etc. She is an executive member of Samil-ro Changgo Theater, a board member of Performing Arts Network Korea and China, and also a member of Asia Producers’ Platform. She curated programs of the guest of honor (Korea) for Heidelberger Stückemarkt in 2018.
Jin Yim, Independent Producer
Street Art Jin Yim Independent Producer Jin Yim is an independent producer and a facilitator based in South Korea. She has worked on a wide range of art projects including performance, theatre, and multidisciplinary arts in public spaces. Her main interests are in challenging the former practices of arts with new ideas and approaches from ordinary lives of our contemporary society. She is currently working as a programmer of Pohang Street Arts Festival.