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  • G.Round

    Genre : Multidisciplinary

    Production : Creative Group NONI

    Subgenre : Contemporary Circus

    Director : Kyung-hee Kim

    Choreographer :

    Contact : Bong-min CHOI

    Premiere : 2017 Culturetank

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    Tour Size : 9

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Program Information

Heartbeat and vibration generated when a ball, which goes between the artist and audience, hits the ground 

About Performance

Gravity - Round - Ground 

This performance combines diverse elements: traditional Korean performing arts, parkour, circus, object handling and diverse technologies of interaction using light and sounds resonating in empty place.

G.Round was inspired by an empty oil tank. The gravity of a huge, round and vacuum space brings movements of round objects like balls. The friction between these movements and a human body fills this empty, metallic space with reverberant sounds. Such mechanical sounds resonate in endless, repetitive and restrained movements while balls stay in the air. The audience then encounter a momentary compaction of the vacuum. The compressed air created by such a repetitive play of the body and balls leads the audience to hinder and expand the performance by themselves on the playground. In essence, the audience complete the performance by transforming what they see. G.Round is performed through the interactive effects of all factors in the space, thus presenting a world connected with distinguishable elements.​ 


2018  Seoul Circus Festival ‘Circus Cabaret’ / Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture/ Korea, Seoul

2017  Oil Culture Tank Park Opening Program / Oil Culture Tank Park / Korea, Seoul

Photos and Video

Company Information

Creator / Artist

Creative Group NONI was founded in 2006 with artists specializing in stage design and the traditional theater who gathered in the interest of rediscovering the aesthetics of the Korean theater. Focusing on three units (traditional theater, art and music), the group has created diverse performances that are small and experimental. Recently, Creative Group NONI has been exploring space and materials combined with physical mobility [kinetics]; collaborating with experts in parkour and the circus, the group has been developing site-specific projects. 

Promotion Information
  • Tour Size : 9 (Performers : 4 / Staff : 5)
  • Duration : 45
  • Stage Size : Width 15m, Depth 15m, Height 7m (Empty circular space with no seat)
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