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  • Accompany

    Genre : Dance

    Production : GROUND ZERO Project

    Subgenre : Contemporary dance

    Director :

    Choreographer : Hyauk-jin GEON

    Contact : Ji-young Geon

    Premiere : 2012 Sogang Maryhall, GARIMDA

    Tel : Please login first.

    Tour Size : 4

    E-mail : Please login first.

Program Information

A letter to someone who are truly ‘with’ me or us who may be somewhere in the world. 

About Performance

〈Accompany〉 is an interpretation of contemporary individuals. The intrinsic meaning of “accompany” is feeling and thinking the same way and that is the perspective taken to view our life in this work. The world has become individualistic and people merely choose other people based on their needs leading to disposable relationships. We are with many others in the same time and place, yet find ourselves so lonely. Perhaps, this is a social disorder we have created. This work is a letter to the unknown who may be genuinely accompanying us without knowing one another. 


2016  Autumn Season of NCPA -Heart- / NCPA / China, Beijing

2015  SIDANCE ‘Who’s Next?” / Gangdong Arts Center / Korea, Seoul

2014  SHACODA Showcase for Contemporary Dance & PAMS Rink / Mary Hall / Korea, Seoul

2013  BULGARIA So a Dance Week / National Music Theater / Bulgaria, Sofiya

2013  FINLAND PDC Dance Month Festival / Pori Theater / Finland, Pori


2015  Beijing International Ballet & Choreography Competition / Silver Medal

2012  SCF Seoul International Choreography Competition / JURY Prize & Best Dancer Prize

2012  17th SPAIN MASDANZA International Contemporary Dance Festival / Best Choreography Prize

Photos and Video

Company Information

Creator / Artist

GROUND ZERO Project was founded in 2008 as an integrated art group. Led by Hyauk-jinGEON, a contemporary dance choreographer, the GROUND ZERO Project group works on dance performances and carries out in-depth collaborations with many diverse genres of arts including dance films, orchestras, photography, video art and contemporary music. Apart from stage performances it is in a constant pursuit of various creative works such as photo exhibitions, art installations, dance films. The group’s unique identity is created by its pictorial approach to contemporary issues and bold mise-en-scène. GROUND ZERO Project is often described as an experimental project group that reconstructs existing patterns. The major projects include Agape, New World, Pathless wood, Relationship, Accompany, DIGILOG, We have evolved differently and many more. 

Promotion Information
  • Tour Size : 4 (Performers : 2 / Staff : 2)
  • Duration : 25
  • Stage Size : Width 11m, Depth 11m, Height 4.8m ()
Website & SNS http://www.groundzeroproject.com

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