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  • Bodies in the dark

    Genre : Multidisciplinary

    Production : ELEPHANTS LAUGH

    Subgenre : Interactive performance

    Director : Jin-yeob Lee

    Choreographer :

    Contact : Ji-sun Park

    Premiere : 2015 Seoul Foundation for Arts

    Tel : Please login first.

    Tour Size : 7

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Program Information

How free can you be in darkness? Why can’t darkness free us completely? 

About Performance

This performance allows us to confront society’s conditions of self-censorship. In addition, you’ll be led to examine the easily overlooked sexual objectification of the body. The body is presented not simply from a physical perspective but as a source of various emotions that we go through on a daily basis. Everything is determined by the participants’ choices and willpower. Each of them will thus be able to create his or her own unique experience. Even though the performance takes place under the same circumstances, individual experiences are bound to vary according to the participants’ differing ethics.


This performance pursues a ‘neutral colour’. The lone performer who greets each participant and the narrator’s voice are both devoid of any kind of emotions or personality. As they remain as colourless as possible throughout the performance, it is left in the hands of the participants to fill it with colours. As a result, the role of the performers is reduced to the minimum, while that of the participants becomes maximized; they have to continually ask themselves about which colours they’d like to choose.


We found ourselves and the world once again in the deepest darkness. At last, where were you? It seemed like everything happened was just a dream
Bing Bing Lam / Macau Theatre Review / 2017-08-05


When you realized that time has passed in the darkness, you felt the loneliness; there are people that you did not know and not seeing each other, they would sometimes hold your hands or body tight according to the instruction, but for most of the time, you could only breathe the darkness into your lungs.” Sin U Leong
Sin U Leong / All About Macau / 2017-08-18


2017  Macau Bok Festival / China, Macau

2016  Daihakro Studio / Korea, Seoul

2016  CULTURE STATION SEOUL 284 RTO / Korea, Seoul

2015  Yohangza theatre / Korea, Seoul

Photos and Video

Company Information

Creator / Artist

ELEPHANTS LAUGH creates site-specific performances for specific communities. We focus on increasing the role of audiences by creating performances that require their active participation. Our performances based on the interdisciplinary arts bring together artists from different genres as we continue to seek experimental challenges.

Promotion Information
  • Tour Size : 7 (Performers : 4 / Staff : 3)
  • Duration : 90
  • Stage Size : Width 12m, Depth 12m, Height 2.5m ()
Website & SNS http://www.elephantslaugh.com

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