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  • Voice of acts

    Genre : Dance

    Production : BluePoet D.T.

    Subgenre : Modern dance

    Director :

    Choreographer : Hyo-seung Ye

    Contact : Bo-kyung Kim

    Premiere : 2017 Sogang Maryhall

    Tel : Please login first.

    Tour Size : 7

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Program Information

A ‘Faint Monster’ on stage! 

About Performance

〈Voice of Acts〉 tracks the body that has been disconnected from itself by dancing. Dancers’ body reacts and answers, depressed and damaged by outer stimulation. Their body breaks down and is twisted by ever-changing sounds, objects, and the audience’s gaze and reaction. In the end, it is dreadfully transformed into a never seen monster. The audience will face dancer’s message delivered by the sense of the whole body which comes from our common sense. 


The meaning of the dance’s title is the ‘voice of acts.’ Its choreographer Hyo-seung Ye thinks that sometimes, actions makes louder voices than words and he made this work by catching the motives from last year’s Candlelight Struggle in Korea. Nevertheless, Voice of Acts doesn’t convey a political message. Rather, it appears to express that the various harmful elements of this society have sickened people who live a hard life. It also depicts the abhorrent reality with the body thrown away like trash. Reaching its end, this performance makes us feel deeper agony.

Excerpts from reviews​


2018  Mapo Art Center Playmac / Korea, Seoul

2017  Sogang University Mary Hall / Korea, Seoul


2018  Korean Dance Critics ' Association Award for Best Dance Critics

Photos and Video

Company Information

Creator / Artist

BluePoet D.T. is an organization founded by choreographer Hyo-seung Ye in 2013. Ye danced for the Belgian dance company Les Ballets C de la B with Alain Platel for many years before founding BluePoet D.T. In addition to using his rapport with European stages to facilitate exchange between Korea and Europe, Ye has reached out to the North American market, promoting the beauty and philosophy of Korean dance. Ye continues to present his unique body language, art and philosophy on annual European tours. 

Promotion Information
  • Tour Size : 7 (Performers : 2 / Staff : 5)
  • Duration : 55
  • Stage Size : Width 10m, Depth 10m, Height 6m ()
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