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  • Miarigogae Art Theater(The name of venue)

    Genre : Theater

    Production : theatre, definitely

    Subgenre : Creative theater

    Director : Ja-hye Khoo

    Choreographer :

    Contact : Joo-young Koh

    Premiere : 2016 Theatre Lab Hyehwa-dong 1

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    Tour Size : 5

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Program Information

Extremely naughty and talkative, but incredibly elegant monologue of a woman. 

About Performance

In 2016, the title of this piece was Theatre Lab Hyehwa-dong 1, the name of the venue where it was premiered. At that time, the stage became the garret where the actress Iri lived. Iri was living there alone, and she kept murmuring about the unstable life and poverty of an actress. In about two years, she moves twice with her suitcase. She has always been carrying her luggage so that she can travel anytime, looking for her place and stage, and she finally reaches the venue of PAMS choice 2018. She goes on stage alone. Doing everything from acting to technical operation for self-promotion, she speaks about her life again there. Unlike the South Korean premiere, her queer identity and story of life as a feminist have been strengthened. The performance will be renamed according to the theater. Its script has also been updated to keep up with the contemporary changes in her life. Now, she wants to take her suitcase to another city and talk about her life.

* The title of this show is subject to change in accordance with the name of the venue.​ 



2018  The 1st Feminism Theatre Festival / Miarigogae Art Theater / Korea, Seoul

2018  TPAM Jooyoung Koh Direction program, TPAM-Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2018 / BankART Studio NYK kawamata Hall / Japan, Yokohama

2016  Autumn Festival2016 'Sim City', The 6th theatre directors' collective of Hyewha-dong 1 / Theatre Lab Hyehwa-dong 1 / Korea, Seoul


2016  Doosan Artist Award - Ja-Hye Khoo

2016  Dong-A play award-New concept Theatre - Ja-Hye Khoo

Photos and Video

Company Information

Creator / Artist

Theatre, definitely is a theater troupe consisting of young artists, including a playwright, a director, a sound designer and performers. The troupe is dedicated to raising questions about what the theatre should look like and about things we have always taken for granted. Its major works include Once Play (2014), Commercial, Definitely (2016) and Shakespeare Sonnet (2018). 

Promotion Information
  • Tour Size : 5 (Performers : 1 / Staff : 4)
  • Duration : 70
  • Stage Size : Width 5m, Depth 3m, Height 3m ()
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