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  • String One .

    Genre : Dance

    Production : Humanstance

    Subgenre : Korean dance

    Director :

    Choreographer : Jae-Hyuk Cho

    Contact : Jae-Hyuk Cho

    Premiere : 2015 Dongsoong art center

    Tel : Please login first.

    Tour Size : 6

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Program Information

A tune of the ajaeng piercing through the air.
See the extent to which music(樂) enters(入) the body and flows into the dim mind through the process of listening to the music.

About Performance

Originally, ‘hyeon’ has a lot of meanings and symbols and the author indicated it by using a Korea character instead of a Chinese character in order to comprehensively incorporate all of its meanings rather than being confined to just one meaning. As it can be derived from the Chinese character, “one” (一) means that music and a human body become one and that a player and a dancer harmonize with each other.


‘Hyeon’ has several meanings in Chinese, one of them means the ‘string(絃)’ of string musical instruments. It is called ‘seon(line)’ in general and refers to the thin line causing vibration which is the basic of generating notes. 

In math, a line connecting the two ends of a waved line or of an arc of a circle or a line connecting two points on the circumference of a circle is called as the hyeon(弦) of the circle.

In astronomy, String One .  indicates the upper hyeon(弦) which means the first quarter of the moon or the lower hyeon(弦) which means the last quarter of the moon. 

There are two Chinese characters, ‘heuk(黑)’ and ‘hyeon’(玄) which mean ‘black’. In the past, ‘hyeon’(玄) was more frequently used. As a color, ‘black’ meant the color of the heaven as written in ‘the heaven is black and the earth is yellow(天地玄黃)’ and indicates something deep and mystical which exists at the root of existence as in 「hyeon of hyeon, a door to jeungmyo(衆妙)」 of Lao-tzu. 

‘Hyeon-ju(玄酒)’ also means water used instead of alcoholic drinksat ancestral ritual ceremonies. 

The philosophy of Wei and Qin which was based on ‘nothing(無)’ of Lao-tzu was called ‘hyeon-hak(玄學)’ and ‘hyeon(顯)’ is also another word for tatoo(文身: a phoneme or a word) or literary(文). 

‘Hyeon-jae’ which means the present also uses ‘hyeon(現)’.(quoted from encyclopedia of knowledge) 

Besides these, ‘hyeon’ also means ’good, wise, evident and clear, impromptu, existent in front of eyes, far away, well-versed and deceased parents etc. 

This work was created by borrowing a motif from ‘hyeon’ which connotes many meanings as explained above.


* ‘Hyeon’ is ‘string’ in Korean.​ 


2018  Dancing City Incheon 10th Anniversary -IMDT Curation / Incheon City Theater / Korea, Incheon

2016  Korea dance association ceremony / Main Hall, ARKO Theater / Korea, Seoul

2015  Seoul International Choreography Festival / Main Hall, ARKO Theater / Korea, Seoul


2015  Best Piece Prize of Solo & Duet at Dance Grand Prix Award of Korea from Korea Dance Association

Photos and Video

Company Information

Creator / Artist

Humanstance(Humanist + resistance) avoids mechanical union and expresses history and periodicity through national and traditional elements and modern sense. 

Through the organic relationship with artists of various genres, we seek diversification of creative ways of movement and pursue the anxieties of the point of sympathy with the audience.​ 

Promotion Information
  • Tour Size : 6 (Performers : 2 / Staff : 4)
  • Duration : 25
  • Stage Size : Width 12m, Depth 8m, Height 6m ()
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