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와일 WHILE Company SIGA

WHILE leaves a strong impression with intriguing props and movements.
Through the beauty of emptiness, it’s a piece where an analogue narrative can be felt.

Oct.13th(Tue) 19:20
Dance (Contemporary Dance)

※ After being screened on the Virtual PAMS, you could watch the showcase on the website at 20:30 of the day of the screening.


We exist as a small dot somewhere in this world while constantly being shaken.
Our minds are shaken and altered with unpredictability and fear, unable to leave
behind the opinions of others. But our minds are shaken and stirred because we are alive.
To overcome the shaking up of our minds that is to come, we continue to be shook.

Promotion Information
· Choreographer : Hyuk Kwon
· Duration : 30mins
· Stage size(W*D) : 9*9*3m
· Tour size(Performer+Staff) : 9 (Performers 6, Staffs 3)

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ⓒYulia Sko

ⓒAiden Hwang

Highlight interview

Company SIGA

Company SIGA began with the purpose of communicating and sympathizing with our lives and people around us through dance. SIGA is an acronym coined by members of the company using a Korean word, “시나브로 [sinabro]” that means “little by little”. We are pursuing a group work style that combine a variety of movements and their own thoughts into one complete piece of art. In addition, we actively collaborate with artists of various genres to challenge themselves with new adventures for each piece and expand the spectrum of their dance “little by little”
The work of Company SIGA is neither fast, complicated, nor fancy. Company SIGA does not hesitate to engage in foolish repetition and asceticism. Our three keywords "speed," "basic," and "body" apply to the group's dance pieces and we aim to be the team that can create a natural pace and flow of people living their daily lives. This is because we believe that rediscovering the value of things seemed meaningless only because of their inefficiency. This is the way we convey our artistic theme and thought.

History / Awards

2020.02 yokohama dance collection HOTPOT, Yokohama Red brick warehouse
No1.3F hall / Yokohama, Japan
2019.10 SIDance - HOTPOT, CKL Stage / Seoul, Korea
2019.07 Critics choice 2019, Arko art theater Main hall / Seoul, Korea