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마브 MOB Laboratory Dance Project

Nur tote Fische schwimmen mit dem Strom … German proverb

Oct.13th(Tue) 19:00
Dance(Contemporary dance)

※ After being screened on the Virtual PAMS, you could watch the showcase on the website at 20:30 of the day of the screening.


People in the crowd who lose a sense of self hide themselves in obscurity,
and exaggerate and simplify what they want to see and declare their
freedom from responsibility. The process by which individuals are born
into the crowd, and the process of initiating individuals into the crowd, is
exciting, fearsome, and routine. There is a sense of cohesive unity and
intimacy on the back of the intolerance and cruelty to others. MOB closely
focuses on the two aspects of humanity, observing in detail the two
subjects of human being and the individual in society.

Promotion Information
· Choreographer : Dong-kyu Kim
· Duration : 20mins
· Stage size(W*D*H) : 14*14*7m
· Tour size(Performer+Staff) : 11-13 (Performers 8-10, Staffs 3)

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ⓒSang-hoon Ok

Highlight interview

Laboratory Dance Project

Super dynamism and explosive energy.
The fandom legend of Korean modern dance ‘LDP’

Founded in 2001,
LDP is an international dance project ultimately aimed
at bringing Korea’s dance to the global stage.
After its foundation,
LDP has played the role in enhancing the value of the arts
while leading the creation of a repertoire that emphasizes a
deep artistic philosophy and communication with continuous experimental
challenges based on differentiation and the style unique to LDP.

LDP’s dancers have over time earned the trust of the public
through their endless efforts and sincerity, as well as their distinctive gifts
and talents. It is the only ballet company in Korea whose name alone
has earned the trust of the audience to expect a
groundbreaking performance.


"Mob, which opened the show, was a high energy, pulsating work,
the cast ready for action in dark suits with sleeves rolled up.
Choreographer, Dong-kyu Kim, who also mixed the musical score,
explored the tension between the individual and the crowd.
The virtuosity of the individual dancers was shown in break-out moments,
but later absorbed into a fierce wall of powerful movement.
It was a gripping work that managed to deliver its message."
Maggie Foyer/2017.11.21

History / Awards

2019.09 Gangnam Festival, K-Pop Square / Seoul, Korea
2019.05 ILT Festival / Aarhus, Denmark
2019.02 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Korea, 1st Anniversary / PyeongChang, Korea
2018.12 Seoul International Choreography Festival, GALA, Arko Arts Theater / Seoul, Korea
2018.11 Early Winter Festival, Incheon Culture and Arts Center/ Incheon, Korea