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SEOUL 2021

PAMS 2021
What’s New

Reclaiming Public Spaces Through Arts

Oct. 11th(Mon) 20:30-21:30 ('60) (KST)

#Diversity #Inclusivity #Role_of_Street_Arts

The public and artists have lost their right to enjoy space after COVID-19. Looking at how they are adapting to newly created public spaces will allow new findings. Furthermore, case studies will be shared in order to look at the changes in the concept of public space and creative trends. By doing so, new possibilities of the arts in public spaces can be explored. It will also lay the groundwork for new indices of art creation and circulation to be built.

- Because of COVID-19, we found artists and the public lost their rights to be in public spaces. How can they adjust themselves to the new rule of public space?
- What can we learn from those changes of public spaces? How has the aesthetics of arts in public spaces been changed?
- Let’s discuss the new role of arts in public spaces in the era of pandemic, so that we can make a stepping stone for the new era of arts and creatives.

The roles of arts in public spaces have been changed rapidly after the pandemic hit our society strongly and ceaselessly. In this salon, PAMS would like to focus on ‘How the arts embrace the diversity in public spaces’ and ‘How the arts help us to achieve spatial democracy’. Throughout this conversation, we would like to find the new trends of ‘Arts in Public Spaces’ together.

Curated by

Jin Yim, Independent Producer

Jin Yim, Independent Producer
Jin Yim is an independent producer, festival programmer, and international project manager based in South Korea. She has worked on a wide range of art projects including performance, theatre, multidisciplinary arts, and arts in public spaces. Her main interests are in challenging the former practices of arts with new ideas and approaches from ordinary lives of our contemporary society. She is currently working as a programmer of Pohang Street Arts Festival.


Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar, Head of International Development, Circostrada Coordinator, ARTCENA

Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar, Head of International Development, Circostrada Coordinator, ARTCENA
Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar is the Head of International Development at ARTCENA, the French National Center for Circus Arts, Street Arts, and Theater, as well the Coordinator of Circostrada, the European Network for circus arts and street arts. Holder of a MA in Arts Management and European Cultural Policies, he has been exploring for more than ten years the interconnections between culture, identity and international relations, while promoting artistic creation as a tool for social transformation and experimenting with new ways of cooperation and governance.


Johanna Tuukkanen, Artistic director, ANTI Festival

Johanna Tuukkanen, Artistic director, ANTI Festival
Johanna Tuukkanen is the artistic director and one of the founders of ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival. Organized since 2002, ANTI Festival has presented hundreds of projects, art works and interventions in the urban context of Kuopio. Tuukkanen has curated site-specific contemporary works for more than two decades exploring how art can activate and expand public spaces and engage diverse audiences and communities. As an artist, curator and researcher working in the fields of performance, dance, live and contemporary art she has created numerous performances and projects in various sites, theatre and gallery spaces since 1997. In her projects she collaborates with artists from various backgrounds creating situations which enable to consider concepts of time, place, physicality, momentarily and the everyday. Tuukkanen’s research interests include curatorial practice, new genre public art, contemporary art, live art, public space, participation, festivals, cities and accessibility.

Hyeryung Lee, Artists, Generalkunst

Hyeryung Lee, Artists, Generalkunst
Hyeryung Lee, director of Generalkunst, creates an audience-participatory performance without professional actors. A sense of repulsion to theater norms was the beginning of interest in street arts, but recently, has focused on alienated beings, territories, classes and gazes from the street/public space.

Wayla Amatathammachad, Director, Low Fat Art Fes

Wayla Amatathammachad, Director, Low Fat Art Fes
Wayla is the current director of the International Low Fat Art Fes that focus on multilevel collaboration between art communities and CSOs to expand utilization of contemporary arts in social sectors. He is also an independent contemporary art management researcher. Now his current project is developing the open art network called ‘Prayoon for Art’ that include art enthusiastic volunteers from all backgrounds to create alliance networks to stimulate the transnational sustainable creative ecosystem.