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SEOUL 2021

PAMS 2021
What’s New

Next Mobility/Circulation in a(Post)Pandemic Era
: Concept, Digital and Green Mobility/Circulation

Oct. 11th(Mon) 17:15-18:45 ('90) (KST)

#PostPandemic #NextMobility #ConceptMobility #DigitalMobility #GreenMobility

COVID-19 has put safety in place as a new standard in the creation, production, circulation, and consumption of the performing arts, just as it has in our day to day lives. As the physical movement between countries is becoming more challenging, we’ve seen more limitations on the international exchange and the circulation of the performing arts.
How will the international exchange, mobility and the circulation of the performing arts be possible? In the face with climate crisis, how the international touring should be planned in a manner that is eco-friendly or causes least amount of pollution or minimum environmental impact? How have the advances of technology impacted on the process of creation, production and consumption in the arts?
The opening forum at PAMS 2021 invites four international colleagues who tries various attempts to find out alternative directions and practices for international mobility and circulation of the performing arts in the post-pandemic era and will share and discuss challenges and its possibilities.

Curated by/Moderator

Kyu Choi

Kyu Choi, Creative Director, 2021-2022 PAMS(Performing Arts Market in Seoul)
Currently working as creative director at PAMS 2021-22. Kyu is a producer, festival director and researcher. Under the themes of ‘Diversity and Inclusion, Art and the City’ and ‘Art and Technology’ Kyu has recently developed several research-led workshops and practices including ‘Connected City’, ‘The Korea DMZ Lab’ and Accessibility and creative development for arts and disability. Kyu has worked as artistic director as well as creative director for the UK/Korea Season Festival 2017-18, the Chuncheon International Mime Festival, and the Ansan Street Arts Festival. He is a founder of AsiaNow productions and has worked to develop the Asian Producers’ Platform and APP Camp 2014-2021.


Kris Nelson Artistic Director/CEO, LIFT

Kris Nelson, Artistic Director/CEO, LIFT
Kris Nelson became Artistic Director/CEO of LIFT in 2018. He was Festival Director of DublinFringe Festival, Ireland’s largest multi-disciplinary arts festival, from 2013-2017, guiding hundreds of artists towards world premieres. He founded the Canadian performing arts touring agency, Antonym. From 2008-2013, Antonym secured tours and co-productionsin over 45 cities on 4 continents for artists such as Theatre Replacement, Public Recordings and 2boys.tv.Kris initiated innovative curatorial platforms like PushOFF (Vancouver) and Spark (Montreal) connecting artists to international touring opportunities. Kris was Encounters Curator for Magnetic North Festival and has been a dramaturg for theatres across Canada.

Jisun Park

Jisun Park, Creative Producer, Producer Group DOT
Jisun Park is a creative producer, researcher, and arts policy advisor. Over for 20 years, she has been working without boundaries of genre, producing works, planning festivals, initiating international residency and international networks such as APP(Asian Producers' Platform). Recently she has begun new explorations with artists on various subjects including cities, boundaries, technology and arts, and Climate Change to explore the contemporariness of the arts.

Stéphane Noël

Stéphane Noël, Executive Producer, Materialise
Born in Switzerland and living in Hong Kong, Stéphane has worked mostly as a producer of contemporary performing arts. He was also the director of Les Urbaines and the co-director of Belluard festival.
Currently producing and/or distributing the stage work of Ayaka Nakama, Fang Yun Lo, orangcosong, Royce Ng, Satoko Ichihara, and Xiao Ke ✕ Zi Han, Stéphane also collaborates with cultural institutions such as Pro Helvetia (Swiss Culture Foundation) or Reso (Dance Network Switzerland) on promotion projects. Recently, Stéphane has been working on the development of digital platforms to further promote and support artists in a more ecologically sustainable and inclusive ways.

Rene Hyewon Lee

Rene Hyewon Lee, Producer/CEO, Giioii Immersive Storytelling Studio
Hyewon Lee is a multidisciplinary producer, educator, CEO and co-founder of Giioii immersive storytelling studio in South Korea. She has been working over a decade of experience in various new media projects combining art and technology and was also one of the founding members of ScreenX, the world’s first multi-projection theatre and award-winning immersive cinema platform. Currently, she is working on producing immersive content and multi-verse experience by blending storytelling with art, technology, and different cultures exploring a wide range of art forms. Her producing pieces have been introduced to the world, including Cannes XR, IDFA, Tribeca Immersive and BIFAN.