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SEOUL 2021

PAMS 2021
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Deep Dive : RSC Digital Projects and the Future of Theatre

Oct. 13th(Wed) 17:00-18:30 ('90) (KST)

#Digital_Theatre #Future_of_Theatre
#UK_Game_and_Live_Performance #RSC_Dream #RSC_Tempest

The online virtual performance "Dream" which reinterpreted Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was co-operated earlier this year by the Manchester International Festival and the Philharmonic Orchestra, and led by Royal Shakespeare Company, one of the world's top three theatrical companies. It was an attempt to explore the future of live technology that is not tied to physical distance. It was also a creative experiment that merged games, performances, live streaming, and real-time motion capture, a distribution experiment that distinguished interactive tickets from viewing tickets, and an attempt to explore the future of the performance. In this talk session, we invite Sarah Ellis, who is a director Of Digital Development at Royal Shakespeare Company. We can listen to a variety of stories including interactive experiments with games, virtualization, moving to the digital stage, defining a new theater for future audiences, and various collaborative processes and insights.

Curated by/Moderator

Rene Hyewon Lee, Producer/CEO, Giioii Immersive Storytelling Studio

Rene Hyewon Lee, Producer/CEO, Giioii Immersive Storytelling Studio
Hyewon Lee is a multidisciplinary producer, educator, CEO and co-founder of Giioii immersive storytelling studio in South Korea. She has been working over a decade of experience in various new media projects combining art and technology and was also one of the founding members of ScreenX, the world’s first multi-projection theatre and award-winning immersive cinema platform. Currently, she is working on producing immersive content and multi-verse experience by blending storytelling with art, technology, and different cultures exploring a wide range of art forms. Her producing pieces have been introduced to the world, including Cannes XR, IDFA, Tribeca Immersive and BIFAN.

Workshop Leader

Sarah Ellis, Director, Digital Development at Royal Shakespeare Company

Sarah Ellis, Director, Digital Development at Royal Shakespeare Company
Sarah Ellis is an award-winning producer currently working as Director of Digital Development for the Royal Shakespeare Company. The latest partnership for the RSC is the Audience of the Future Live Performance Demonstrator ‘Dream’ funded by UKRI.
Sarah is a fellow of the University of Worcester for her work in arts and technology, and has been awarded The Hospital Club & Creatives Industries award for cross industry collaboration for her work on the RSC’s The Tempest (with Intel and The Imaginarium Studios.) In 2013 she was listed in the 100 most influential people working in Gaming and Technology by The Hospital Club and Guardian Culture.
She is an Industry Champion for the Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre, which helps inform academic research on the creative industries. She has been appointed Chair of digital agency, The Space, established by Arts Council England and the BBC.